Is Kim Cattrall going to be in the new season of 'Emily in Paris'?

What do we have here? A Kim Cattrall 'Emily in Paris' cameo? Here's why fans are convinced she's appearing in the series

Kim Cattrall Emily in Paris season 3 premiere; Cattrall attends the event in a black jumpsuit and black fascinator
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Qu'est-ce que? A Kim Cattrall Emily in Paris cameo?

Netflix is gearing up for its return to the City of Lights, and it appears we might have someone new along for the ride, none other than New York superstar Samantha Jones. 

During the Emily in Paris season 3 premiere on December 7, held at the iconic Champs Elysées Theater, Cattrall made an appearance on the pink carpet to support the show's creator and her longtime friend, Darren Star. (He's also famous for bringing Sex and the City to life.) 

Although the actor has made it clear she does not intend to reprise her role as the PR maven in And Just Like That season 2, SATC's reboot on HBO Max, fans were wondering if she was thinking about making a cameo in another one of Star's series. She particularly piqued our curiosity after posting a fun photo from the event on Instagram.

"Thanks @starmandarren and @netflix for such a fun opening in Paris🇫🇷 with ‘Emily in Paris’ 💋," she wrote.

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What's up with the Kim Cattrall 'Emily in Paris' rumors?

Cattrall arrived to the premiere wearing a très chic jumpsuit and adorable fascinator—very French. While walking the pink carpet, Cattrall was approached by Variety reporters who questioned her involvement in the series. 

"It's a wonderful idea," she said about appearing in Emily in Paris. "Not at the moment but it would be so much fun to see that happening."

Perhaps that means we can expect at some point in the future of the show?! We'll cross our fingers. In the meantime, the third season is set to premiere on Netflix in a few short weeks, and it finds Ms. Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) at a crossroads—both in love and at work. Between the new outfits, new 'dos—Emily's caught cutting her bangs at home—and, yes, the oh-so dreamy Lucien Laviscount, there's plenty to look forward to. 

Fasten your berets and grab a croissant—we're en route to Paris!

Emily in Paris season 3 premieres on Netflix on December 21.

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