Has Kwame from 'Love Is Blind' been casually spotted on *another* reality dating show? It sure looks that way

One tweet seems to suggest that 'Love Is Blind' isn't Kwame's first reality TV stint

kwame from love is blind season 4 in the pods
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Is he looking for romance...or time in the spotlight? Kwame from Love Is Blind season 4 has gotten quite a bit of attention over the past week—you probably noticed that his guitar playing in the pods has turned into a Love Is Blind season 4 meme—but one insightful viewer seems to have caught him elsewhere. 

Though the sales development manager and former soccer star might be recognized from other career pursuits, we certainly didn't see him tied to this reality dating show

Was Kwame from 'Love Is Blind' on this famous series?

On Thursday, March 30, one Twitter user took to the platform to zoom in on what appears to be a Kwame cameo on Married At First Sight season 10. When he does a close-up of the crowd applauding a happy bride and groom, it appears that Kwame is one of the people joining in the wedding celebration. 

Could it be...or is this a doppelgänger? On IMDB, Kwame's only given "performance" credit is Love Is Blind, so this could technically go either way. Have a look at the clip below and decide for yourself!

Kwame and Chelsea 'Love Is Blind': where are they now?

Kwame and Chelsea, Love Is Blind's newly engaged couple, found themselves in a bit of a love triangle à la Zack, Irina and Bliss. Though he initially intends to propose to Micah early, Kwame ultimately proposes to Chelsea, and fans erupted with anger when he and Micah had a more-than-friendly connection upon meeting in real life. 

Is Kwame ready to give things a go with Chelsea if he doesn't have closure from his breakup with Micah? He and Chelsea are about to embark on "real life" together, and fans are hoping for her sake that things work out well. Should they decide to pursue other options, perhaps someone should tell Kwame that we're crossing our fingers for Perfect Match season 2.

Here's the schedule for all of the remaining Love Is Blind season 4 episodes. Be sure to check out other shows like Love Is Blind, too. 

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