We have an update on 'Perfect Match' season 2

Will we meet a new group of singles looking for love on 'Perfect Match' season 2? Here's the gossip

scenes from the debut season of perfect match on netflix
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It's official: Perfect Match season 2 is headed for your Netflix streaming queue. 

Perhaps in attempts to distract us from the Love Is Blind live reunion tech glitches, the streaming service decided to give us a long-awaited update on the cut-throat reality dating show. Specifics aren't available just yet, but we can guarantee things are going to get steamy and dramatic in the villa, though the first cast set a high bar.

Will there be a 'Perfect Match' season 2?

On Tuesday, April 18, Netflix confirmed that a sophomore installment is on its way and Nick Lachey will assume hosting duties, but a date has yet to be announced. In the debut season, Perfect Match was filmed in Panama and brought together singles from Netflix's popular series: Love Is Blind, The Mole, Too Hot To Handle, etc. Contestants were able to pair up *and* potentially break up other pairings, which led to plenty of chaos, naturally. 

Given that some of the Love Is Blind season 4 couples didn't say "I do," and there are a new batch of available contestants from Too Hot To Handle, there are lots of casting possibilities. Oh, and we hate to break the news, but none of the OG Perfect Match couples made it out in the real world either, so perhaps some of them are up for round 2. (Astrologers did warn us that the Perfect Match cast zodiac pairings weren't going to be 100% smooth-sailing.) 

For those who can't resist TV shows about gossip and drama: you'll definitely want to consider tuning in. Perfect Match earned some major real estate on the charts. According to Deadline, the show spent five weeks on Netflix’s Global Top 10 English TV list, reaching the Top 10 TV lists in 58 countries, so clearly there's a demand for messy dating on the small screen. (No surprise there.)  

As contestant Joey Sasso eloquently stated, "Relationships are hard, and going on Perfect Match is like relationships on steroids." Needless to say, such a description is the perfect recipe an evening on the couch, snack at hand. (Psst: here's where Joey and Kariselle stand now.) 

In the meantime, we're focusing our attention on The Ultimatum: Queer Love, which premieres on the streamer on Wednesday, May 24. 

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