Is there going to be a 'Perfect Match' season 2 on Netflix?

There's plenty of potential for a 'Perfect Match' season 2—it's just a matter of casting!

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Everyone's curious about Perfect Match season 2 (and a potential Perfect Match reunion). 

Now that the Netflix newcomer has blown viewers away with its cringey rules and cut-throat antics, it comes as no surprise that they're not ready to part ways with the show just yet. And, considering plenty of other series are in the works, the potential for a new Perfect Match cast seems limitless. (Let's be honest: the OG Perfect Match couples didn't fare too well and might want another shot.) 

So, are we venturing back to the villa? Allow us to fill you in on what's to come in the land of Netflix reality dating shows

Will there be a 'Perfect Match' season 2?

Currently, it's unclear as to whether or not Perfect Match season 2 is a go, as the streaming juggernaut has kept quiet about the show's next steps. Of course, once a decision has been made, you'll be the first to know. 

For those who can't resist TV shows about gossip and drama: there's reason to hold out hope. Perfect Match earned some major real estate on the English-language TV chart from February 13 through 19 (the series debuted on Valentine's Day). Plus, Variety (opens in new tab) reported that it raked in over 22.4 million viewing hours (and counting), so clearly there's a demand for messy dating on the small screen. (No surprise there.)  

As contestant Joey Sasso eloquently stated, "Relationships are hard, and going on Perfect Match is like relationships on steroids." Needless to say, such a description is the perfect recipe an evening on the couch, snack at hand. (Psst: here's where Joey and Kariselle stand now.) 

Netflix, the ball is in your court—we're just sitting by patiently waiting. (And yes, we're still watching, thankyouverymuch.) 

Perfect Match is now streaming on Netflix. Want more romance? Check out Love Is Blind season 4 premiering on March 24.

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