Micah's Arizona connection is confusing 'Love Is Blind' fans

Wasn't season 4 filmed in Seattle? Here's what's up with Micah, Arizona, 'Love Is Blind' casting and all of the confusion

micah lussier from love is blind season 4

Location, location, location. When it comes to Micah's ties to Arizona, Love Is Blind fans are scratching their heads. 

Considering the Love Is Blind casting took place in Seattle (with extensions to Portland) for its fourth season, we're all wondering how the notorious contestant ends up talking about her place in Scottsdale. Did we miss something here?

Micah, Arizona, 'Love Is Blind' fans' confusion: an explainer of it all

While on their honeymoon, Paul and Micah do discuss their love of travel, so we technically shouldn't be too surprised that she splits her time between Scottsdale and Seattle. It's definitely a switch, considering the two cities are a three-and-a-half-hour flight and a 22-hour drive from one another, but since her marketing job is remote, Micah has the ability to bounce back and forth. 

Naturally, the location topic comes up when Micah gets a glimpse of Paul's bachelor pad in Seattle, which she's less than pleased with. Though it's minimal—and oddly includes a pocket knife on all surfaces—it works for Paul...but Micah thinks it'll be a no-go considering all they need are her places in Arizona and Washington, and it's not decorated to her liking. Compromising at its finest! 

You can tell this is a sore subject between the two, but they're not the only ones concerned about geographic sacrifices. Kwame and Chelsea are facing similar hurdles because he's hesitant about leaving his bachelor pad and soccer team in Portland for a full-time life in Seattle with Chelsea (and no, she does not work remotely). 

How will distance factor into these two couples' fate? Will they be torn apart, or merge their lives together? We'll surely find out not only on the wedding episode, but the highly-anticipated love Love Is Blind season 4 reunion on Sunday, April 16 at 8pm ET (5pm PT) on Netflix. Luckily, we won't be required to travel terribly far: just to the couch!

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