Missoma just launched a home collection, and we need one of everything

If you haven't perused Missoma Studio yet, what are you waiting for?

missoma studio vases
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Thinking of a few interior updates? Missoma Studio has you covered. 

The brand known for its chic jewelry trends—layered necklaces, gold accents—is bringing its aesthetic into a new space, namely homewares. The result? Vases, trinket trays and jewelry boxes galore. No need to tell us twice! 

This segue into home decor is a welcomed transition, especially as we fill up our holiday wishlists and get our gifting in order. Plus, there's nothing the sustainable jewelry brand can do wrong in our eyes. 

If your best friend still needs something for her new abode this holiday season, or if you want to add a few splashes of color to your nightstand, have a look at some of our favorite goodies from the collection. 

Shop Missoma Studio's gorgeous home pieces:

Explore Missoma Studio in its entirety on the brand's website...and snag yourself a vase before we buy them all. Consider yourself warned!

Missoma, Chain Reaction Ceramic Vase ( £85

Missoma, Chain Reaction Ceramic Vase (£85, $110)

Fair warning: this gorgeous ceramic vase with hand-painted gold handles will probably steal the spotlight from your florals.

Missoma, Spheres of Influence Ceramic Trinket Tray ( £35

Missoma, Spheres of Influence Ceramic Trinket Tray (£35, $46)

This delicate blue tray gets a bit of pizazz with its hand-painted gold finish. The 15.6cm x 15.6cm piece is not only a great place to store your favorite Missoma accessories, but it's the perfect addition to your nightstand or end table. 

Missoma, Claws Out Lacquered Jewellery Box ( £175

Missoma, Claws Out Lacquered Jewellery Box (£175, $227)

This black lacquer jewelry box with gold velvet lining is like art in itself. With multiple compartments to store every accessory, this trinket (25.5cm x 17.5cm x 11cm) will look as chic as ever on your dresser. 

Although we're still bummed that Missoma's sell-out advent calendar is out of stock, the news of this collection certainly makes up for it!

Danielle Valente
Danielle Valente

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