You won't believe how much the most expensive sex toy in the world cost

Curious about the world's most expensive sex toys? There are some unbelievable options—and price tags

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Jaws (and likely panties) have dropped with help from the world's most expensive sex toys. Considering some elite pleasure playthings have retailed for the same price as mansions, we're guessing-slash-hoping that those orgasms were off the charts. 

While experts have uncovered the perfect sex toy for your star sign, tried and tested sex toys for couples and expert-backed tips for creating homemade sex toys, to name just a few, the prices of these gadgets are not necessarily enough to spike our blood pressure. Some options on the market are relatively cheap, but the higher quality, greener brands will likely sell for somewhere around $200 a pop. 

Then, you have the world's most expensive pleasure toys, which have completely thrown us for a loop. Here are the top 10 most expensive sex toys in the world. 

What are the world's most expensive sex toys?

Specialists at Joy Love Dolls did some hefty research to uncover the top 10 most expensive sex toys sold to date, and they definitely scream "fancy". Here's who took home the gold, quite literally: 

  1. Royal Pearl: $1,000,000
  2. King J Cobra Solid Gold Cock Ring: $125, 942
  3. Victor Phantasm: $60,000
  4. Nell Pleasure Seed Vibrator: $14,904
  5. Inez Vibrator by Lelo: $12,429
  6. Betony Vernon BenWa Balls: $10,619
  7. Lelo Yva: $3,092
  8. Lelo Earle: $2,100
  9. Fornicouture Fuji Glass Dildo: $1,152
  10. Maleva & Milonga Chinese Ben Wah Balls: $500

The Royal Pearl consists of 2,000 diamonds, royal-blue sapphires and rare pink diamonds, while the Victor Phantasm sports 27 studded diamonds and a detachable diamond engagement ring. Phew, talk about luxury!

Inexpensive alternatives to those pricey picks:

Considering the world's most expensive sex toys are astronomical in price, to say the least, we thought we'd help you find desirable alternatives that won't break the bank.

The Lelo Soraya Wave (available at Amazon) is a luxurious rabbit vibrator known for its sensational WaveMotion technology and retails at $129.50, while the Lovehoney Sensual Glass Beaded Textured Dildo's (available at Lovehoney) gets its claim to fame from its temperature change features, but only costs $36.99 (compared to the Fornicouture Fuji Glass Dildo's $1,000+ price tag). Both have been fan favorites on our list of best sex toys

Should you decide to forgo goodies altogether, have a look at our sexpert-backed fingering 101 guide, because they say that the best things in life are free, right?

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