This is the perfect sex toy for your star sign, according to the pros

The cosmos really do have all the answers...

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Curious about the perfect sex toy for your star sign?

While you might have a little trouble finding the answer in an astrological birth chart, experts at Bedbible decided to read between the lines and turn to the stars for your best bet between the sheets. 

If you're looking to reset your sex life or perhaps experiment with something new, have a look to see what the pros believe will work well for you. They insist playing with sex toys is a great way to explore and take intimacy to new levels, so perhaps your collection can benefit from a few new finds. (Plus a shopping spree is always encouraged.) 

What's the best sex toy for your star sign?

Experts agree, one of the best ways to spring clean your sex life is to get playful, and toys will help you do just that. While you're at it, perhaps you need to snag a gadget that speaks to your moon sign and rising sign, too. 

However, before attempting something new with a partner, always talk about sex first to uncover their likes and boundaries. Do not proceed without consent!

Without further ado, here's what the Bedbible pros suggest for each sign:


In typical fire sign spirit, Aries are independent and confident. This means they're not afraid to resort to unconventional methods in the bedroom. The Bedbible pros recommend this member of the zodiac to get a little wild with a bit or mouth restraint like the CLROY Bit Gag (available at Amazon)


A Taurus might have a difficult time handing over control to someone else, but with the help of something like a handcuff and blindfold set (available at Amazon), they can practice being a bit more submissive and let someone—or something—take charge of their pleasure. 


A Gemini thrives on spontaneity, and a small, portable rabbit vibrator can assist with any spur-of-the-moment friskiness. We-Vibe X Lovehoney Nova 2 (available at Lovehoney)  landed on our list of tried and tested rabbit vibrators and is recommended for its dual motors and deep vibrations.

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Since this water sign is sentimental and in need of a little TLC, Bedbible suggests a waterproof massager, like the We-Vibe Touch X (available at Amazon) to spice up time in the tub. Talk about a bubble bath product you never knew you needed. 


It's no secret that a Leo loves a little attention (or a lot of attention). With a dual stimulator (Evolved Thump & Thrust Dual Vibrator available at Lovers) this fire sign will get everything she's looking for. 


Virgos are playful and love a little tease, that's why something like a Sex Feather Tickler and Eye Mask Set (available at Amazon) could be worthy of a five-star review. 

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Per Bedbible, Libra’s, tend to be extremely sensual and love to reciprocate any pleasures given to them, so a multipurpose gadget like Crave's Vesper Vibrator will do the trick.  


Scorpios can't get enough intensity, so make things passionate with temperature-play sex toys (like the Unbound Gem Double Ended Glass Dildo on Amazon) or dip into the sensory play trend. 


Sexperts insist that Sags offer up their typical leadership role to someone (or something else) to help them go beyond their comfort zones. The best app-controlled vibrators are the way to go. 


Caps are go-getters who could benefit from a little rest and relaxation, but they still want to be in control. That's why magic bullets are recommended. Find one on our list of tried and tested best finger vibrators


Since an Aquarius is open-minded and not easily deterred, something out-of-the-ordinary like a sex swing (Sex Swing for Couples on Amazon) could work wonders. 


Vibrating panties are a good fit for the sensual and romantic Pisces. Since they're always concerned with making others happy, they'll be pleased to know that these sex toys make both parties a priority.

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