These are the most popular Halloween costumes of 2022, according to TikTok

The most TikToked Halloween costumes are right there in your FYP! Have you seen 'em?

woman in skeleton halloween costume holding fake skeleton head at a halloween party
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The key to your Halloween costume conundrum is hidden in your FYP.

If you're still debating whether or not to go full-on Barbiecore or experiment with a rhinestone Euphoria beauty ensemble, New Look decided to do some digging to uncover what people were craving this spooky season. 

The retailer sifted through trending hashtags on TikTok to uncover the top costume searches by views. Between our favorite vigilantes, new pop culture icons and classic characters, the findings have a little something for everyone. Cheers, witches—these ideas are sure to crown you the winner of the costume contest!

The most TikToked Halloween costumes

For those who were still curious about easy Halloween costumes for adults, have a look at the top 10 searches on TikTok, according to New Look's findings. Our screen time definitely inspired a few ideas this October, wouldn't you say?

  • 1. #batmancostume at 142,000,000 views
  • 2. #harleyquinncostume at 16,900,000 views
  • 3. #barbiecostume at 8,600,000 views
  • 4. #jokercostume at 7,100,000 views
  • 5. #topguncostume at 6,700,000 views
  • 6. #catwomancostume at 6,400,000 views
  • 7. #euphoriacostume at 6,400,000 views
  • 8. #harrypottercostume at 3,800,000 views
  • 9. #maddycostume at 2,500,000 views
  • 10. #corpsebridecostume at 1,400,000 views

If you ask us, Tim Burton-inspired garb never goes out of style, and anything Barbie-related always has the possibility of being worn again. (Magenta is very in, after all.) 

New Look items to add to your cart

We did some browsing to see which New Look products would be best suited for your 2022 Halloween costume. Have a look at a few of our favorites. 


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Margot Robbie, we're coming for your character! This bodycon pink ruffle bodysuit is Barbie at her most stylish.

Happy Halloween, friends! We can't wait to see what you piece together.

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