Your favorite Netflix shows want to help you find the perfect match

Bumble's 'Netflix Nights In' provides a good way to break the ice...and to see if your suitor's Team Alfie or Team Gabriel

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Allow Netflix Nights In to lead you towards your perfect match...and perhaps your new favorite show.

The streaming service has partnered with Bumble for a TV-focused game that helps hopeful romantics break the ice. And if said romantics find out whether their suitor is Team Gabriel or Team Alfie in the process, so be it. (This pertinent Emily in Paris opinion can be a dating deal-breaker, after all.)

"What we watch says a lot about who we are, and this campaign is an exciting way for our community to connect over Netflix’s breadth of genres and titles," Olivia Yu, Bumble’s Global VP of Partnerships, said in a statement. "Our recent survey found that 72% of respondents have talked about TV and movies on a date, so we know this category is one our members enjoy discussing on their dating journey."

Curious to learn more about the dating app and Netflix's new project? We have you covered.

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What is 'Netflix Nights In'?

On Mondays from January 30 to March 13, Bumble users can participate in a Netflix-themed question game with their matches and put their TV knowledge to the test. Expect to see some familiar faces in-app and on Bumble's social channel (like Emily in Paris actress Ashley Park) to introduce each week's questions. The game requires both people who have matched to answer the question before responses are revealed.

“When we’re getting to know someone, it’s human nature to try and find common interests. It gives you something to bond over and go beyond surface-level conversation,” Magno Herran, vice president of marketing partnerships at Netflix, said in a statement. 

If your potential partner is not nearly as excited about Wednesday season 2 as you or if he or she is not familiar with the Bling Empire: New York cast, this is information you're going to want to know upfront. 

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If you're a Bumble user, be sure to give Netflix Nights In a try when it debuts. And while you're at it, have a look at the other 2023 dating trends making the rounds this year, too!

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