Apple’s latest update features loads of cool new emojis

Everything you need to know about the new iOS 14.5 update

Flat yellow emoji collection
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Emojis have become an important part of functioning life—can you even remember a time before the yellow smiley face? Honestly, what would dating apps be without them? They've become such a normal piece of our social media and messaging practice that Apple is working tirelessly to provide everything you could need, and more. 

The Unicode Consortium is the organization that governs emojis, but Apple is always offering up suggestions for new ones. Most recently, Unicode added accessibility emoticons including an ear with a hearing aid, a guide dog, and a prosthetic leg and arm, thanks to Apple's input. The tech giant worked closely with organizations including the American National Association of the Deaf, the American Council of the Blind and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation to ensure the emojis were as correct and inclusive as they could be.

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The new iOS 14.5 update includes some exciting additions: the new emojis will see a mended heart, a flaming heart, a sighing emoji and a person with a beard. Most excitingly, they've added new skin tones to the kissing couple emoticon and the couple with a heart.

Apple has also redesigned some old favorites. The syringe emoji has had a modern makeover, as have the headphones, and even the climbing emoji has had a revamp. The climbing character now sports a helmet, which is important for obvious safety reasons.

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The Memojis are getting a bump-up, too. Apple is working to make them more accurate, with a wider range of hair options, better representation and improved facial recognition features. In iOS 14, new hair styles and pieces were added, including fades, waves and durags.

The new-wave Memojis can also now blush, fist bump, give virtual hugs and can also wear a choice of two face masks—that’s Apple's way of telling you that if your Memoji can wear a mask, then so can you.

So be sure to update your Apple device ASAP, to get your hands on the latest exciting emoji and Memoji upgrades. Happy texting!

Naomi Jamieson
Naomi Jamieson

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