It turns out Rachel Zegler *will* be at the Oscars after all

Fan outrage has resolved that Rachel Zegler Oscars drama and we will be seeing the 'West Side Story' star at this Sunday's ceremony

 Rachel Zegler attends Disney Studios' Los Angeles Premiere of "West Side Story" at El Capitan Theatre on December 07, 2021 in Los Angeles, California
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The Academy seemingly had a change of heart over Rachel Zegler, Oscars snub turned award presenter. 

Despite West Side Story's seven nominations, its breakout star Rachel Zegler was not invited to the Oscars, taking place Sunday, March 27. Once word broke out on social media and, in turn, caused a scene in newsfeeds, the up-and-coming actor was finally asked to present at the 2022 ceremony, according to The Hollywood Reporter

It appears our new Maria is rightfully getting a chance to shine, despite her initial exclusion from Hollywood's most buzz-worthy happening.

Is Rachel Zegler going to the Oscars?

Though it remains unclear which category Zegler will present for, she is now attending the 2022 event, much to fans' and peers' approval. 

The star's Instagram post about West Side Story at the EE British Academy Film Awards gained traction ahead of the 94th Academy Awards, and one fan commented: "Can’t wait to see what you’ll be wearing on Oscar night." She replied: "i’m not invited so sweatpants and my boyfriend’s flannel."

That has all since changed. Now, she's likely to join the ranks of the most iconic awards season dresses with a red-carpet-ready ensemble. 

There were many factors that confused fans about her snub. Considering the 2021 award show featured a record-breaking number of female directors, it seemed ironic to not continue the trend of celebrating women, especially for a young Latina star who is just getting started. 

Additionally, as The Hollywood Reporter points out, non-industry personalities like Shaun White and Tony Hawk were asked to present in 2022. The outlet further notes that the Academy was not obligated to invite Zegler, considering she was not personally up for an award. (West Side Story is up for seven awards, including Best Picture.) Still, given the film's undeniable appeal, one would assume its Golden Globe-winning lead actress would make an appearance. 

We hope that we can just chalk this up to an oversight. The Oscars will take place on Sunday, March 27 at 8pm ET on ABC. We are anxious to see Zegler there and in Disney's new live-action of Snow White, which is predicted to hit theaters in 2023. 

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