What is guided masturbation? Sexperts provide tips for the pleasure method

Guided masturbation is 'an exciting way to up the ante in your self-pleasure journey,' according to the pros

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Guided masturbation is one of many ways to achieve the big O. 

While taking instructions in bed isn't everyone's forte, experts believe this self-indulgent technique is one of the best sex tips worthy of attention. 

"Part instruction and part imagination, guided masturbation invites you to explore what is generally familiar territory in new ways," says Angie Rowntree, founder and director of Sssh.com, an ethical porn website made from a female's point of view. "[It] is an exciting way to up the ante in your self-pleasure journey."

Ready to bask in that after-sex glow, or should we say after-self sex glow?

What is guided masturbation?

Much like it sounds, guided masturbation is just that—a voice providing instructions while pleasuring yourself. It's taking direction from a third party, be it a partner or a recording. 

Apps like Ferly can provide guided sessions with different types of vibrators or instructional routines, depending on your preferences.  

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Guided masturbation benefits

Although masturbation is the secret to women's most intense orgasms and it seems as if this notion is relenting control, Rowntree assures us that there are plenty of reasons to give it a go. 

"Because guided masturbation tells you when and how to please yourself, you don’t need to think—you can just feel," she says. 

Now is the time to completely enjoy the sensation without the work. Plus, they say talking about sex is the key to making it better, so when giving or receiving directions, perhaps it will provide a bit more insight into what you truly desire. 

"The act of verbalizing sexual desire is powerful. Sometimes hearing someone else describe it is the 'lightbulb moment' you need when you’re otherwise at a loss for words," Rowntree adds. 

Guided masturbation tips

One of the important 2022 wellness trends includes devoting time to self-love, and Rowntree believes guided masturbation fits the bill.

"Treat it with the indulgence and care that you would any self-pleasure ritual," she says. "Give yourself time, privacy and space to both relax and fully enjoy. Put on a comfy headset and let the program take you away to a blissful escape!"

If you're going to test out the technique, you might as well have fun with the experience: try new vocal artists, different scenarios and make the environment around you pleasing. Though you are in a sense taking direction, it's still up to you. 

"After your session, debrief. Think: what did you enjoy that you haven’t tried before? What would you like to experience more of? What was the most fun about this particular session and how can it fuel your future fantasies?" Rowntree recommends.

If you want to reset your sex life, why not give this self-love practice a go? If it doesn't work for you, there are plenty of other methods to explore, from edging to outercourse and more. Trust the experts: there are plenty of new sex trends to keep you plenty busy and satisfied. 

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