What is edging? This masturbation technique builds on intensity for big results

What is edging? It'll help you understand why patience is a virtue

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The sexually curious who are looking to spice up their self-love routine will be asking themselves, what is edging? And quite rightly so because this explosive technique yields satisfying results. However, it requires a little bit of patience. 

If you're thinking about giving it a go, we'll tell you everything you need to know in order to reach peak bliss. But first, you'll want to arm yourself with one of the very best app-controlled vibrators, bookmark this page and read on! 

You never know: perhaps this is the edge of glory you've been waiting for in the bedroom all along?

What is edging?

Essentially, edging is a bit of a tease, but in the best way possible. 

Just when you feel as though you're about to climax, edging requires you to pull back rather than proceed full-steam ahead. Yes, it throws the notion of immediate satisfaction right out the window, but it promises dazzling results for those who take a breather.

What are the benefits of edging?

"The slower approach to climaxing gives you the opportunity to build on intensify and increase the amount of pleasure as your orgasm," says sexologist Fiona Bondara. "It's likely to last long when you aim to tease yourself or your partner during masturbation, foreplay, or sex."

There's no cutting to the chase with this technique; it can be painstakingly slow if you're not used to it. But you'll come to appreciate that whole "patience is a virtue" thing—promise.

Plus, you're likely aware that bad sex can affect physical, mental health...and mood too. If you're looking to reap the benefits of the big O, including a better night's sleep, lower cortisol levels (aka less stress), and a boost to your immune system, you might as well put in the effort, right? 

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What's more, is that this approach not only promises a fun finale, but it'll put you in tune with your body and really get to know what pleasure points work...and which don't. Why rush through something enjoyable? 

"We recommend testing out on yourself first and finding out what you like before suggesting it in the bedroom as it will give your partner an idea of how you like to be touched," Bondara suggests. 

Considering women's most intense orgasms are through self-love, get comfortable with yourself first and foremost before bringing in a SO. Plus, your partner might want to give this whole routine a solo attempt as well.  

"Communicate with your partner to see if they are comfortable with switching up the rules and boundaries, as this is about building up the intensity and some people may find this too hard to enjoy at first," Bondara adds. 

If you find that you might need a little extra boost along the way—or perhaps multiple tries before you've truly mastered the art of edging—have a look at all of the different types of vibrators and see which ones meet your needs. Or simply buy a bunch—including one of these hands-free vibrators—if you like to be prepared. 

Happy exploring!

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