This is what the side you sleep on in bed says about you

Your preferred side reveals a lot about your personality

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We all have a favourite side of the bed. The side we won't give up for anyone or anything and feel connected to as soon as our head hits the pillow for the first time (and for the rest of the night, while we reap all the benefits of sleep). But have you ever wondered why that is? According to science, it could have something to do with our personality. 

New research suggests that the side you sleep on in bed actually says a lot about you as a person, including your outlook on life and how you feel about work. 

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The study, conducted by Premiere Inn, included 3,000 adult participants and found that those who slept on the left side of the bed woke up happier and better equipped for the day, whilst those on the right side were more likely to feel grumpier with a negative outlook on the day ahead.

Claire Haigh from Premier Inn, said: "The research clearly indicates a pattern between which side of the bed you sleep on and the mood you wake up in."

The research highlighted that 31% of those who slept on the left hand side loved their jobs, while 18% of those on the right admitted to hating theirs. But that's not all, the study also revealed something we can all relate to - apparently 75% of Brits are so stuck in their sleeping routines that they would find it weird or uncomfortable to sleep on the other side of the bed (definitely us) and a quarter say switching sides would affect their mood the next day. 

As reported in News Letter, the study explained that "over a quarter of people who snooze on the left side of the bed feel they have a really positive outlook on life in general, compared to 18 per cent of right-side sleepers."

So there you have it. Who knew your sleeping routine could be so insightful to your life eh? 

Sagal Mohammed

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