Say goodbye to ghosting with Snack—the dating app that punishes users for leaving you on read

This new feature could change everything

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When it comes to dating there are so many new toxic dating trends to navigate—with the likes of negging and cookie jarring rising in popularity. But there's one that truly stands out. 

Those in the dating game will know there's one age-old trend that never seems to go away, and that's ghosting. However, thanks to the dating app Snack, this new feature may finally eradicate it for good.

If you’re lucky enough to have avoided being ‘ghosted,’ let us enlighten you as to why it truly sucks. Ghosting put simply, is when you’re talking to someone and then they suddenly stop talking to you, stop taking your calls, and don’t reply to your texts. They disappear, like a ghost.

More often than not, this leaves you feeling rejected, confused, and wracked with self-doubt. It offers no closure and no understanding of what, if anything, went wrong. This sad outcome could be set to change, however, thanks to Snack.

What is the dating app Snack? 

Snack is a relatively new dating app aimed exclusively at Gen-Z users between the ages of 18 and 35. It’s basically TikTok, but for dating as it allows you to share videos and content with other singletons. 

Snack’s Ceo Kim Kaplan told Dazed: “This generation does not currently have a dating app that caters directly to them. By making the app exclusive to 18-35-year-olds, it allows us to lean in and super-serve this demographic with an app that speaks their digital language and ensures the best matches possible.”

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What's the new ghosting feature on Snack?

The new feature has been designed to ‘Bring some manners and common decency back into the dating game.’—Hallelujah!

It gives daters the power to report users who are actively ghosting. If you are reported frequently your profile is ‘deprioritized’—meaning it will be shown to fewer people. This means ghosting will effectively damage your own dating prospects.

Now obviously this feature while very satisfying for anyone who's been ghosted does pose some risks. One being that scorned ex-lovers may abuse this feature and reports those who don’t deserve it. 

Also, it's important to remember that in some instances, ghosting is completely okay if you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or the other person won’t respect the fact you are not interested and have already made your choice clear.

It is always your right to cut contact with someone, without giving them a response or reason, and remember to report those who are making you feel uncomfortable, upset, or are abusing the app.

This new feature is aimed solely aimed at those who ghost as a game or do it frequently to other users for no good reason and is really to deter this behavior more than anything. 

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