Had a 'Squid Game' dream? This is what it could mean

Whether you won or got, er, eliminated, a 'Squid Game' dream could say a lot about you

Production Still from Squid Game Season 1 on Netflix
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Squid Game took the world by storm and just 17 days after its release, became the most-watched show on Netflix ever, and has fans already asking will there be a Squid Game season two

The series is so big that viewers are even starting to report Squid Game dreams and according to the experts, they could say a lot about your life.

If you don’t know, the Korean series sees 456 ordinary people, struggling with debt, offered a chance to win hundreds of millions—by just playing and winning some childhood games. But players soon find that if they lose the games it’s more than just game over.

The games were so shocking that fans began trying them out IRL, like the cookie game, and even buying Squid Game Halloween costumes. Now fans have even started to dream about the show—and MattressNextDay’s mystic and dream expert Inbaal Hongigman has decoded them for us.

Production still from Squid Game Season 1

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The most common dreams revolved around competing, winning and even just squids in general…

Having a Squid Game dream without seeing it

One of the most common dreams is actually affecting those who haven’t even seen the series. Hongigman explains that this is because of how widespread the show is. It really shows the power of going ‘viral.’

Hongigman also explained that the main themes of the show are very familiar to all of us, saying: "The concepts explored in the initial set-up are those of personal choice, of poverty, of anxiety—and children's games."

"They are all so familiar to our psyche as humans, that we can expect those elements to arise in a good proportion of our dreams every night, whether or not there's a big show on Netflix exploring those elements.”

Competing in the Squid Game 

Hongigman says that dreaming about being part of the game, where the pressure is on and odds are stacked against you, could mean you feel stressed. 

You may feel like life has dealt you too much and you have too much on your plate, and so are dreaming about a fictional but similarly stressful situation.

Production still from Squid Game season 1 on Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix / Noh Juhan)

Winning the Squid Game

Though winning in the series is pretty harrowing, winning in your dream is actually quite a good thing. 

Hongigman explains that winning in such a situation shows you have a lot of self-belief and a very positive outlook: "Those lucky ones whose subconscious minds bestow this winning gift on them, truly are winners in life."

Playing the Tug of War game

If you’re dreaming of the tug of war game, this could represent two opposing forces fighting for control. You could be grappling with decisions, like your career path or relationship, or struggling between following your head or your heart.

Running for your life in the Squid Game 

Running from something in our dreams is very common, so dreaming of this sort of scenario is quite normal and means you may be feeling overwhelmed. 

Hongigman says: “A feeling of being chased in your dream suggests that your life is overwhelming you in every interaction, and you just want a change of scenery, as soon as possible.”

Dreaming of a Squid

There are two elements at work here. A squid has many tentacles and could be representing your need for control and to meddle. The water element is more emotional, which means you could be struggling with identifying how you feel, or again struggling with a decision.

So, what can we do about these dreams? You’ll likely find that as time passes your dreams will shift and stop revolving around Squid Game—but if you want to try and escape your own dreamland Squid Game, try creating a relaxing sleep environment, binge something light and funny, and distract yourself. You could even try leaving a small night light on while you sleep.

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