This is how to create the perfect sleep environment

Grab your crystals and candles—the perfect sleep environment is cozy

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As humans, we can’t function without sleep. Getting the right amount of hours of sleep can be crucial for both our mental and physical health. But sometimes many failed attempts can leave you tossing and turning. And, even if when you try to go to bed early—and are seriously tired—you might still find yourself awake at 2am for no good reason. So we've asked an expert to help us understand why and, most importantly, how to create the perfect sleep environment. 

The best sleep trackers can be a good way to monitor your sleep, but having a consistent and calming bedtime routine is everything when it comes to promoting restful REM.

Beingwell's sleep expert James Wilson has shared his top tips for creating the perfect sleep environment to help you wind down and catch some z’s.

High Angle View Of Woman Sleeping On Bed - stock photo

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1. Make sure your bedroom is the right temperature 

Wilson recommends keeping your bedroom cooler than every other room in your home—especially in summer.

You should feel a slight shift when you enter your room, and this will help you get cozy and comfy and drift off much faster. Wilson explains that 60-62F (16-17C) is the recommended temperature but says: “As long as the rest of the house is warmer than your bedroom, you’re doing it right.”

A good viral TikTok sleep hack to pair with this tip is wearing fluffy socks to bed—some really say it works.

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2. Keep your sleep routine consistent

Consistency in your sleep environment is really important when it comes to a restful and restorative night’s sleep. Wilson explains that even if you're a good or “heavy” sleeper, everyone wakes up during the night. 

Wilson says: “This is because at the end of each sleep cycle, our natural human instincts mean we wake up to check our surroundings to ensure we are safe while snoozing.”

Most people will just fall straight back to sleep, but others may not drift off as easily and may fall victim to anxious thoughts or “failure” thoughts as Wilson describes them. The reason for this can be a change in your environment.

For example, if you’re someone who sleeps with their TV on, falling asleep with light and sound but waking up to darkness and quiet will disrupt you. It’s important to keep the environment the same throughout your sleep, preferably cool, dark and quiet.

If you’re someone who needs noise and light, try white noise or ocean sounds, and a warm night light, or try wearing a sleep mask—but just make sure they stay on throughout your sleep. 

3. Get comfortable

An obvious but important tip, comfort is everything when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Invest in a good-quality mattress and plush pillows, or a new soft duvet set that makes your bed a haven.

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You want to feel excited about the idea of slipping into bed, so having a welcoming and comfortable set-up will definitely promote better sleep. We also reckon this extends to new cozy PJs... treat yourself.

If you’re in a relationship, Wilson also suggests trying out sleeping with separate duvets—so there's no tug of war and no overheating.

4. Ensure that your space is calm

Perhaps the most important of all the tips is to keep your bedroom as a calm space. Opt for warm, soft, ambient lighting—like TikTok’s favorite sunset lamps—or light your favorite candle. You could even scatter some crystals to help you sleep.

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Being in an environment that actually makes you enthusiastic to get into bed and rest is a sure-fire way to get a good night's sleep. 

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