'Stranger Things'' fans are crossing their fingers for a romance

Will the Duffer brothers give them what they want?

stranger things nancy and robin behind bars
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Hawkins is in complete disarray, yet Stranger Things' Nancy and Robin seem to be a the center of attention, despite the chaos unfolding around them. 

While Vecna is terrorizing teens and fearful bystanders keep asking, "Does Eleven get her powers back," the romantics among us are eager to ship the two seemingly opposite teens. 

Sure, the show's darker horror element appears to be working well—after all, Netflix subscribers streamed 286.7 million hours of the fourth season during its debut weekend—but a little love story doesn't hurt, either. We need a bit of a breather after all this chaos!

'Stranger Things'' Nancy and Robin

Nancy, a reporter for the Hawkins High newspaper, is determined to uncover Vecna's evil-doings and why he sets his sight on the town's teens. After a brief mix-up in the friend group, she and Robin are on the hunt for clues in the library.

The two start out their quest pretty poorly, and it appears they won't be able to work together for any length of time. But, surprisingly, the polar opposites manage to get on the same page, and even talk with Victor Creel about breaking Vecna's spell. The once impossible team now cannot be separated. 

 Heck, some fans have dubbed the super sleuths as "Ronance."

"How can one not ship them when this is how they look at each other," one fan asks.

Clips of the two—with Taylor Swift music as accompaniment—are going viral. That pretty much says it all. 

The Duffer brothers have indicated that there's plenty more underway for the show's second volume which starts streaming on July 1, so who knows how things will further develop?

"We have a lot of big character emotional reveals and payoffs in the final two episodes, so I don't want to say too much," Matt Duffer told Entertainment Weekly. 

Between #Ronance and Will's love life, it seems everyone's predicting a few LGBTQ+ storylines. Will the Duffer brothers deliver?

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