The One second season: will there be one?

Wondering about The One second season? Here's what you can expect

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While March has been a quieter month on Netflix than fans had expected (hey, not everything can be Bridgerton!), it did bring a slew of sleeper hits, including Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell and original hit series The OneWith just eight episodes in its first season, the show left us craving more, and fans are still wondering when The One second season will be launched.

The One second season has yet to be confirmed, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about the show's future. And what we're wondering is when will the next season be available on Netflix?

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Since The One season 1 has only just been released on Netflix, no official announcement on a second season has been made as of yet, and we're sure we won't know the show's fate for several weeks. The streaming giant has traditionally held out before confirming renewals of our favorite shows and this likely won't be any different.

The One debuted on March 12th, so the earliest Netflix could theoretically renew the series is in mid-April—but that could take longer because the content platform has a history of delaying comebacks.

If Netflix does agree to renew The One for a second season, production will most likely start later this year, allowing the show to debut sometime in 2022. Fingers crossed for the same The One cast to return!


The One season 1 has been gaining a lot of attention from Netflix viewers since it premiered and for a good reason! Based on John Marrs' book of the same name, the series introduces viewers to a world where a simple DNA test can reveal the identity of the person who is genetically one's perfect match anywhere in the world. Spooky!  

If you think the idea of being able to find your soul mate through a DNA test is a little creepy, you're not alone. However, the show's numerous twists and turns prove that while an idea may sound good, it can have some bizarre consequences, and are we truly surprised by the unexpected and explosive outcomes?

Since the series is based on a novel, there is plenty of additional source material to deal with in the future. The book features a big plot that was left out of the first season, and it is likely that this will be the main theme of the second. 

So, keep an eye out for more details on season two of The One!

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