These viral TikTok shorts with booty-lifting effects are heating up #FitTok

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Viral TikTok shorts, the TikTok yoga pants' cousin, are making the rounds across FYPs. 

Temperatures are soaring, but since we don't want to part ways with the perfect workout schedule, it only makes sense to adjust our wardrobe accordingly. We can't be expected to sport leggings in this crazy heat!

Enter the Aurola high-waisted elastic shorts: comfy, stretchy, breathable and—most notably of all—booty-lifting, these babies have unsurprisingly earned social media fame for their features. Yes, Amazon Prime Day is behind us, but we know you're still anxious to fill up your cart, and the Aurola store just might have what you're looking for. 

Meet the viral TikTok shorts

Cute and efficient, fitness enthusiasts are anxious to put their gear to the test while hitting the elliptical and attempting the handstand scorpion in yoga. (Psst: if you're a yogi, check out our favorite yoga accessories.) 


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And, since we're being honest, it appears many are pleased with the styles and colors of the shorts, making that Planet Fitness run a little more fashionable. Hey, why not?


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AUROLA Women's Athletic Shorts High Waisted Running Shorts

Available in sizes XS to XL—and a wide range of colors—Aurola's high-waisted shorts are 56% nylon, 34% polyester and 10% spandex. The gusset crotch aims to maximize free movement and interlock seams to minimize chafing. NOTE: these are hand-wash only. 

When it comes to responses on the brand's viral videos, you'll see comments along the lines of: "Let me be an ambassador!! I love your shorts" and "Got three [pairs] in the mail today, & have three more on the way."

Should you prefer an airy feel, last year's viral TikTok shorts from Keiki Kona are also crowd-pleasers at the gym. 


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KEIKI KONA 2-in-1 Flowy Fitness Shorts

From XS to XXL, these 2-in-1 flowy fitness shorts are a  nylon/spandex blend that have a drawstring and elastic waistband and spandex inner shorts. 

For more sweet styles that will keep you cool during the heat, have a look at our roundup of the best workout clothes from your favorite brands. Plus, have a gander at our fitness-backed tips for how to effectively exercise in the heat so that you're staying safe and getting results.

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