Need a home makeover? These are the top TV shows for interior design inspo

Here's the excuse you've been looking for to redo the interior design of your home

David Schwimmer, as Ross, Matt LeBlanc, as Joey, and Matthew Perry as Chandler act in a scene from the television comedy "Friends"
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If you're looking for spruce up your interior design and get a change of scenery, now's the perfect time to redecorate your space. Whether you're ready to splurge or want to save money while renovating your home, this year's hottest decor trends are sure to spark some creativity.

If need help finding some home decor inspiration, then look no further than your favorite television show. A study done by put together a list of the most searched television shows for home decor inspiration. And what better way to model your home than after your favorite character's stylish abode? 

The top three TV series on the list really show that vintage is in: The Brady Bunch, Mad Men, and Downton Abbey took the top three spots, gaining thousands of searches annually.

Top 3 shows for home interior inspiration

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The Brady Bunch took the number one spot and with the recent '70s comeback (especially in fashion), it comes as no surprise that we'd look to this iconic show for retro-cool home ideas. In 2019, the show was even a part of a reality miniseries called A Very Brady Renovation, which saw the original house used for the series brought back to life (maybe sparking some ‘70s nostalgia in the audience).

If you're over the '70s trend then take it a decade back and look at the 1960s for some midcentury decor and furniture ideas.  Back when the AMC series was on-air, its popularity sparked the "Mad Men effect," which had people adopting the period look of the offices and homes of Don Draper & Co. into their own spaces. Clearly, the show still has style clout, as it still receives over 6,000 searches a year since the series has been off the air.

For those looking for a more refined touch to your home, then look no further than Downton Abbey. While you may not be able to recreate the decor to scale, the show is the perfect place to start if you want to add a more Victorian-era elegance into your home.

For even more home inspiration, check out the full list below including series like Friends, Sex and the City and more, and prepare to transform your space.

top shows for home interior inspiration.

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