This mythical unicorn sex toy adds some fairytale fun to any pleasure session—here's why you need one

Things are about to get *magical*

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To the untrained eye, the unicorn sex toy might be mistaken for a decor trinket. But look a little closer, and you'll realize that the mythical creature is actually one of the best clitoral stimulators on shelves today. It just so happens that it also sports an adorable Y2K vibe—a win-win!

Creativity has been well received in the pleasure space, with the likes of the rose vibrator and mushroom sex toy gaining popularity and TikTok clout. But that's not to say that efficiency takes a back seat. Au contraire! If you want to hop aboard the fairytale train, here's the scoop. 

Shop the unicorn sex toy, the 'Unihorn Heart Throb':

Unihorn Heart Throb Pulsing Clitoral Mini Vibrator

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What'd we tell you? Adorable, right? The Unihorn Heart Throb Pulsing Clitoral Mini Vibrator, as it's properly known, features 20 mix-and-match functions, 10 vibrating features, and 10 licking features—tiny but mighty. According to a review that branded the gadget as unreal, the shopper said they "never realized how much I need [it] in my life."

Chances are, you'll also need one, too. And if you need a little extra convincing, the splash-proof, Phthalate-Free gadget made from silicone keeps things pleasurable all while making sure your skin stays soft. (FYI it works best with a water-based lube.) 

Considering we're approaching a new season, and fall sex tips are beginning to circulate in the wellness area, why not take sexologists' advice and experiment with a new goodie for your collection? We can't think of anything cuter, truthfully, than this lil' trinket.

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