Is TikTok’s upside-down eyelash curling trend actually safe?

The things we do for long lashes...

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When it comes to beauty, TikTok is a treasure trove of trends, and weird and wonderful beauty hacks, that all promise to change your makeup game. 

But, not all hacks are created equal, whilst the single-dot contour hack can actually give you sculpted cheekbones, we're reminded not to take Tiktok beauty as gospel—remember the lube primer trend? So, you can understand why we’re a bit wary of the latest trend sweeping the social platform...the upside-down eyelash curling hack.

Anyone who's ever attempted curling their eyelashes with an eyelash curler will testify that they're not the easiest things to use and could most likely recount at least one painful memory of catching an eyelid or trapping an eyelash and yanking it out by accident—it’s on par with when you jab your mascara brush onto your eyeball. So, the idea of using them upside down is slightly terrifying. TikTok user @audboos however is making a serious case for it and says the method can actually give you gravity-defying lashes—rather than leaving your eyelid bald.


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In her now-viral video, Audrey turns her curler upside down and gently goes down the length of her lashes, slowly squeezing the curlers to straighten the lash them out.

She then turns the curler the right way up, and curls her lashes as normal, making sure to get right up to the root before adding a layer of mascara. Now, we must say, her eyelashes look incredible—perfectly feathered and curled—but is this method actually safe for your eyes?

Before we all start doing a number on our delicate lashes, Optometrist and co-founder of eye health brand Peep Club, Nicole Alexander-Cross shares her thoughts on the hack.

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According to Alexander-Cross, if you’re gentle and take care of your lashes, curling them upside is ‘pretty harmless.’

She explains: "As long as you are taking care of your overall lash and eye health. If you're routinely (every night) taking your eye makeup off with a gentle makeup remover (one that conditions your eyelashes rather than makes them brittle) and making sure that your eyes are kept clear from infection and irritants then careful use of a lash curler, right way up or upside down is a great way to naturally enhance your natural eyelashes.”—yay!

Alexander-Cross also adds: “Always be super careful not to tug your lashes at all when using your lash curler. It can cause lashes to fall out and, aesthetics aside, they are, after all, the mainline of defense for your eye."

To give your lashes extra protection, you can treat yourself to some eye balm. Peep Club offers a coconut eye balm and you can also find balm makeup removers that allow you to just use your hands rather than cotton rounds, which can cause rubbing on your delicate eye area. You can also buy lash oils to make sure they stay nourished.

Happy curling!

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