TikTokers are using lube as base makeup—here’s what the experts have to say

TikTok's latest obsession? Lube...for your makeup needs

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The ingenuity on TikTok knows no bounds. Whilst lube is typically reserved for intimate moments—like perhaps getting acquainted with one of the best hands-free vibrators—makeup enthusiasts on the platform have found a rather novel use of the gel which can apparently help achieve satisfying results. 

In an attempt to sustain that dewy glow, beauty buffs are doing away with their primer and opting for lube instead. That's right, they're putting lube on their faces. You can't make this up. 

There's a lot to unpack here, so let's dive into this TikTok beauty hack and see what the professionals have to say about the latest viral trend.

The lube hack on TikTok

"You need to start mixing lube with your foundation," @seananthonyv says about the "life-changing" move. We catch a glimpse of him applying the products together, and as you might've imagined, the end result is nothing short of a perfect example of the dolphin skin trend. And Sean is certainly not the only one to give this trend a go.

Does the lube give him a pristine finish? Yes. Is it safe? Well, technically lube is used for sexual activities and not makeup application for a reason. 


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Do the pros recommend using lube as makeup?

"I absolutely do not recommend using lube as a makeup primer," says Alexandria Gilleo, makeup artist and founder of My Zen Den. "Your face and your privates have different pH levels and the ingredients are not formulated to use as a primer."

While yes, you might achieve the look you're going for—and yes, plenty of lubes are water-based and organic—that does not necessarily mean the gel and your Glossier goodies are interchangeable. There's a reason they perform different functions in different areas.  

"The ingredients of sex lube can be irritating and clogging to your face," Gilleo adds. "The irritation can start under the skin and over time, breakouts and irritation may occur."

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What can potentially happen if you use lube on your face?

Although this beauty hack might've worked for some TikTokers, it can differ for everyone, especially considering various lubes have different ingredients. Here are a few ways in which lube can affect your skin: 

  • Clogged pores 
  • Breakouts
  • Bacteria buildups 
  • Skin irritation
  • Redness 
  • Acne

This is certainly one of the more interesting TikTok trends of 2021 thus far, we'll tell you that. If you want to improve your makeup routine, stick to makeup products. It's a safer way to go and there are plenty of winners to choose from. 

Follow the best skincare product order, stock up on the best moisturizers for dry skin or the best vitamin C serums, depending on what you need, and go from there. We're here to guide you through it all.

Plus, there's an app that can tell you exactly what your skin needs so you'll know how to achieve the look you're going for. With so many clean makeup products out there, don't opt for something that could potentially damage your skin—it's not worth it. 

Save the lube for your other activities. 

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