Urban Decay is honoring Prince with a beauty collection inspired by him—here’s what to know

The Urban Decay Prince collection celebrates the singer’s unapologetic personality and legendary style

Urban Decay Prince collection
(Image credit: Urban Decay)

It’s time to break out that raspberry beret and hop in our little red Corvette because the Urban Decay Prince collection is almost here. The makeup brand teamed up with the music icon's estate to create a limited-edition makeup collection that aims to honor and celebrate the unique style of the Purple Rain singer.

An ‘80s comeback is in the making and just from the pictures alone, we can tell this collection will be epic. Featuring blendable eyeshadow colors and rich eyeliners, we’re already practicing with the best eyeliners for beginners to achieve the smokey eye looks that Prince was known for.

Urban Decay took inspiration from Prince’s personality, legacy, and one of his famous quotes, which hoped to inspire people to create the life they want. 

“I want to tell people to create. Just start by creating your day. Then create your life,” Prince once said.

Right now, fans can sign up to pre-order the collection on May 21st on the Urban Decay website. The full collection will be available on May 27th and will eventually be released to other retailers on June 6th.

To get you excited for the launch of the exclusive Urban Decay Prince collection, check out what’s in the full collab below.

What’s in the Urban Decay Prince collection?

The full Urban Decay Prince collection will feature seven products, including two fierce eyeshadow palettes titled “U Got The Look” and “Let’s Go Crazy"; two eyeliners in matte black or matte white; as well as a Prince-inspired liquid highlighter, powder, and multi-tasker brush.

Both eyeshadow palettes come in either a black or purple leather case and are embossed with the Prince's signature “love” symbol. The palettes also contain a diverse range of shades, with the deep purple hues taking center stage. Though Prince may have been known for his bold and smokey looks, there are also some softer shades in the collab, ranging from ivory to deep gold. 

Urban Decay Prince collection

(Image credit: Urban Decay)

Just imagine all the edgy punk looks that await once these palettes are officially released. We may be speaking too soon, but these could arguably be some of the best eyeshadow palettes and best eyeliners around—especially since they’re the embodiment of our favorite Purple Rain singer.

While you wait for the release though, be sure to stock up on some of our favorite Urban Decay products in the meantime:

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