Feeling the wanderlust? These are the best travel experiences to have in 2022

From wellness festivals to secluded treehouses

woman and hot air balloons in the evening, Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey - stock photo
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After two years of lockdowns and restrictions, many of us are getting a serious itch to travel. If we’ve ever deserved a holiday to some extraordinary spots, it’s right now. And, for the sake of our wellbeing, we could all do with jetting off—away from the four walls of our rooms—and welcoming new experiences. Thanks to EasyJet Traveller, we now know all the best travel experiences to have in 2022, so get your passports ready, it’s time to head out!

Don’t worry, by ‘experience’ we don’t mean a naked retreat or anything—unless that’s what you’re after, we won’t judge!

We’re talking about a holiday unlike your typical Airbnb or hotel. Sometimes you need a break that really immerses you into something new, or surrounds you in a location you’ve never seen before. Like a hut on the edge of a mountain, or a lagoon so clear you think you’re swimming in the sky.

So whatever experiences you’re after, we’ve got a definitive list of all the best travel spots—decided by the experts—to fulfill even your wildest of fantasies.

Best Mountain Hut Experience 

If you marvel at the mountain peaks and have always wondered just how spectacular the views are from the summit, the huts perched on Italy’s Dolomites are just the thing for you. 

The Bivouac Fanton huts are yes quite a climb, but an experience unlike any other. They are zinc-clad wooden cabins, that are designed on a downwards slope, with floor-to-ceiling windows replacing the back walls, “so you constantly feel like it might tip off the precipice and careen down into the abyss below at any moment.”

If you fancy yourself a bit of an adventurer, these precarious cabins are right up your street, plus they sleep 12 so it can be one hell of a trip to share with friends.

Best Immersive Art Show 

If you’re an art lover, the Dark Matter show in Berlin should be your next stop. The EasyJet Traveller experts say it: “synthesizes light, sounds, and space to extraordinary effect, blurring boundaries between the real and digital, and opening a portal to another dimension.”

You can go and truly forget the world, plus once you’ve enjoyed the spectacle, try your luck at beating the Berghain queue. 

Best Sauna 

sauna "solar egg", designed by Swedish artists Lars Bergström and Mats Bigert is displayed in the courtyard of the Swedish institute in Paris, on November 15, 2017. The exhibition aims at drawing attention to Swedish design, architecture and fashion in France / AFP PHOTO / PATRICK KOVARIK

(Image credit: Getty Images / PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP)

The Solar Egg Saunas in Stockholm are offer natural views of the sea and countryside of Sweden. They were designed by Swedish artists Lars Bergström and Mats Bigert and have traveled around Europe, you can now find them in Stockholm! We can’t think of a better location to steam and chat with our besties. 

Best Train Cabin 

If you count yourself as a train lover like Francis Bourgeois (TikToks’s Train Guy) or love Wes Anderson’s artistic movies, Belmond's Cygnus Carriage is a must-see for you!

The carriage will transport you back in time, and take you on cross-country journey's throughout the UK from trips to Highclere Castle aka Downton Abbey, you can even have private dinners with big-name chefs. It’s really the epitome of traveling in style.

Best Treehouse

If you, like us, never had a treehouse growing up, you’ll relate to that feeling of always wanting to stay and sleep in one. Well, these Pogusch by Steirec treehouses in Vienna are all the comfort of a hotel, but hidden amongst the trees.

They’re other-worldly and so are the views!

Best Lagoon

Icelandic hot springs are known for their beauty and wellbeing qualities, none more so than the Sky Lagoon which offers breath-taking views. And, if you’re lucky you might even see the northern lights while you soak.

Best Wellness Festival

Wellness should be a the top of everyone's priority list right now, so why not visit a festival dedicated to just that. The Inner State Festival in Dhërmi offers everything from live music to lucid dreaming and meditation. 

Best Date Night 

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect romantic getaway then the Hotel Paradiso's cinema suites are a must.

All 36 rooms at Paris's Hotel Paradiso have movie projectors and giant screens. Two of the suite are technically licensed cinemas meaning you can watch the latest release from your own room! You can also just relax and have an “ultra-deluxe Netflix and chill.” Plus you're in PARIS! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Best Labyrinth

General view of the hypogeum inside the Colosseum on November 7, 2013 in Rome, Italy. The Colosseum's hypogeum has been opened to the public again after being closed since October 21 due to a fragment of travertine becoming detached.

(Image credit: Getty Images / Giorgio Cosulich)

The Colosseum in Rome is always worth a visit, and should definitely be on your bucket list. But did you know you can actually explore all the secrets inside and beneath the spectacular arena?  The Colosseum ‘Hypogeum’ lets you do just that.

EasyJet says: “The ‘Hypogeum’—an ingenious labyrinth of corridors, trapdoors, secure chambers, and ancient lift mechanisms tucked underneath the ancient arena floor—is now open to the public for the first time ever, following a long-overdue restoration.“

Best Zero Waste Dessert

If you’re a lover of all things sustainable you have to check out Silo’s anti wast ice cream sandwich, located in London.

The ice cream sandwich is completely waste-free. EasyJet's experts explain that At Silo, “they soak old bread in water ‘til it starts to ferment, then turn it into a yeasty caramel. Then: they make a wafer from excess bread-milling bran, sugar, and butter; dulce de Lecce ice cream from leftover buttermilk; sandwich it all together.” 

So not only can you enjoy the delicious treat your conscience will also be clear!

Best Trek 

France is renowned for its stunning architecture and breathtaking landscapes, so it’s a no-brainer really that a trek through the rolling natural wilderness should be high on our travel lists. 

The HexaTrek is the longest hike In France but for the non-seasoned walkers among us, it’s split into six paths so you can choose shorter trails rather than taking on the full 3,000km walk (which would take you between 90 to 130 days to complete.) 

Best Animal Tours

Animal lover? We’ve got you, the goats of the Souss Valley in Morocco are quite the spectacle. Visiting this Valley, lets you see firsthand the ingenuity of animals. On this tour you will see goats actually in Argan trees, eating the nuts. Great for aspiring photographers too, as the options for IG-worthy snaps are endless. 

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