Where to go for summer vacation, according to your star sign

Grab your luggage, your summer holiday is calling!

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Ready to put on your OOO? An astrologer has uncovered the perfect summer vacation according to your star sign, and you'll want to start packing ASAP.

Whether you're toying with the idea of learning how to travel alone successfully or you're rounding up the troops for a fun girls' getaway, allow the cosmos to be your guide. Spruce up on a few travel hacks, plan an itinerary and click "Book." It's go time, dears.

Where to go for summer vacation, according to your star sign:

The experts at Psychic World have partnered with celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman to uncover the perfect getaway by following your sun line, ultimately providing a spiritual uplift and the opportunity to get re-energized. 

Ready to see where you're headed? Have you found a sleep mask and book for the plane? 

Inbaal Honigman

Considered the "psychics' psychic, Inbaal uses tarot, astrology and other methods of divination in her readings. You can catch her advice in Marie Claire UK, The Daily Mail and other publications


  • Destination: Sicily, Italy

Like the majority of White Lotus fans, Aries are bound for Italia for a rejuvenating getaway. (Here's where White Lotus was filmed, if you're curious.) The seaside escape is the perfect excuse for the fire sign to revel in gorgeous beaches and take up a fun hobby, according to Honigman.

No pressure if other members of the zodiac want to copy, too—we can't say we'd blame them!


  • Destination: Marmaris, Turkey

"Famous for its white sand in the day and bustling nightlife culture along the main street, it provides a perfect escape from reality for Taurus’ to really get in touch with their inner self and seek things that make them happy, powered by their sun line," Honigman notes. 

Though there is definitely room for adventure in Marmaris, you can also relax and enjoy some downtime—right along the "turquoise coast"!


  • Destination: Helsinki, Finland

Finland plays into Gemini's curiosity and need for adventure. Thankfully, there's no shortage of indulgent opportunities here. 

"Underground parties and art will fill your soul, reinvigorating you and giving you the excitement you so desperately seek," Honigman says.


  • Destination: Santorini, Greece

"This quaint island is perfect for Cancer to discover their true desires and have fun with the help of their sun line," Honigman says. "Lost in the blue sea, sipping wine, it will provide the perfect escape into a romance novel."

Even if you're not the water sign, chances are this plan sounds pretty enticing. 

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  • Destination: Boracay, Philippines

Leos need a location as bright as their personalities, and Boracay's blue waters and jaw-dropping sunsets fit the bill. Once Leos get a taste of this gorgeous spot, Honigman insists, "everyone will be enamored with their bright nature."


  • Destination: Perth, Australia

There's no shortage of activities in Perth, from bustling beaches to lively art galleries and everything in between. An energetic Virgo will thrive in the beautiful Australian spot. 

"Virgo’s will thrive in Perth this summer, lining up with their sun line allows them to have all the energy they may need to indulge and recenter their desires," Honigman says.


  • Destination: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Filled to the brim with culture, historical relevance and natural beauty, Plovdiv provides the perfect location for Libra’s to explore," Honigman notes. 

The ancient Roman theatre and cobblestoned streets will feel like taking a trip back in time, but a Libra is all for the history lesson. 


  • Destination: Sibiu, Romania

"Scorpio's love of the unusual may draw attention at their sun location, as they'll find hidden gems untouched by tourists," Honigman says of Sibiu. "Sibiu is well known for its Germanic architecture, rich history, old legends and colorful houses."

While here, a Scorpio can take a breather and enjoy the simple things.

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  • Destination: Oslo, Norway

Oslo is famous for its vast green spaces, incredible museums, stunning views of the ocean and occasionally even the Northern Lights are visible," Honigman says. 

Its carefree vibe will allow Sags to enjoy the present and take away a sense of optimism once they leave.


  • Destination: Dubrovnik, Croatia

"The sun and the sea certainly allow Capricorns to feel at home, and the all-inclusive resorts do help," Honigman says. 

Elegant, scenic, peaceful—it's everything Caps could want in a summer vacation.


  • Destination: Vienna, Austria

They thrive to find a hidden gem, filled with culture and history, no matter how odd it might be," Honigman notes. "Vienna is the perfect location for Aquarius to visit this summer." The music, culture, cuisine and art make it a no-brainer!

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  • Destination: Paris, France

Oui, oui! This water sign agrees with Emily: Paris is tres chic. 

"Their loved ones will be with them and spending time will be a priority with romance at the forefront of all their actions, to be led around the city by their heart," Honigman says of Pisces' destination. "Paris is known for pleasure and indulgence, so it's easy to understand why Pisces’ sun line is drawing them here."

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