What is a dirty soda? Olivia Rodrigo skyrockets the treat to TikTok stardom

One Raspberry Dream, comin' right up

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What is a dirty soda? It looks like #FoodTok has discovered something new to sink its teeth into.

While the likes of hot chocolate bomb drinks and Iced Biscoff Lattes earned viral fame, TikTok has turned its attention towards another buzz-worthy treat. Dirty sodas are perfect for spring and have the Olivia Rodrigo stamp of approval.

The "good 4 u" singer, who filmed High School Musical: The Musical: The Series in Utah, frequented a nearby chain called Swig, which specializes in these tasty drinks. Once she was seen photographed with a Swig cup at hand, foodies found their new obsession.   

Enter #dirtysoda, one of the many trending hashtags on TikTok that keeps on growing. Now, it's clocking in at a comfortable 700,000+ views. So, what is in this super-sweet treat?

What is a dirty soda?

Swig's beloved concoction consists of soda, creamer or half and half, flavored syrups and lime juice. Coke was the beverage of choice when the drinks started getting attention in 2010. Now, the Swig menu has expanded with experimental mixtures. 

The wallet-friendly snacks, most of which average about $2, include Malibu, a combo of Dr. Pepper, vanilla and coconut, Raspberry Dream, which mixes raspberry pureé and coconut cream with Dr. Pepper and Naughty & Nice—Olivia's go-to—which blends Dr. Pepper with English toffee and half and half. 

DIY dirty soda

Although Swig has expanded beyond Utah, not everyone is able to make a pitstop at the old-timey snack shop to try one. Fortunately for those who are at a distance, TikTok has stepped in with plenty of DIY options for you to try at home. Your FYPs are about to get a sweet makeover. 

Dirty soda with Diet Coke, coconut crème and lime 


♬ original sound - Kristyn Pittman

Dirty soda with Mountain Dew, peach syrup, raspberry syrup and vanilla crème


♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

What's your dream combination? We're personally going to start with our own take on the Raspberry Dream. 

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