What is the best workout routine for your age? A fitness expert weighs in

Want to switch up your workout routine? An expert details what's the most beneficial exercises for your age

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Hitting the gym? Stretching before yoga? Select your workout routine carefully, it matters! Before you raid your closet for the best workout clothes and activewear, read everything a fitness expert wants you to know about the best exercises for your age. 

According to Joanna Dase of Curves, each decade is a time to hone in on a particular type of routine that'll best prepare you for the future. With her guidance, you'll construct the best workout schedule for years to come—trust us. 

Workout routine for 20-somethings

"The sooner we start to build a base in fitness, the better prepared we are for later in life," Dase says. Wisely use your 20’s to invest in learning form, be aware of mobility and the range of motion. In this decade, your body is likely to be in its peak physical condition, and your muscles will recover quickly from any workout."

What does that mean for you? Here's what Dase suggests: 

  • Aim for cardio workouts roughly three to five days per week 
  • Aim to strength train around three times per week, focusing on your back, chest, arms, core, shoulders, and legs
  • Stretch daily

How to motivate yourself to workout

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Workout routine for 30-somethings

"The key is to optimize the time you have available," Dase says of women in their 30s, who are often riddled with family obligations. "Look for opportunities to move whenever possible, walk when you can and take the stairs instead of the lift. Forming good habits in our 30’s will mean we can continue to do the things we enjoy later in life."

In order to feel your best in your 30s, here are Dase's recommendation 

  • Focus on cardio and flexibility roughly three to four times per week
  • Focus on strength training to help prevent osteoporosis or arthritis later in life

Workout routine for 40-somethings

"Typically, our 40’s is a time when our bodies need a little care and attention," says Dase. As our metabolism slows down and muscle density begins to decrease, we should be focusing on preserving muscle tone, which will not only aid in maintaining our range of motion but also help us stay injury-free. 

Want to stay feeling fab in your 40's? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Do moderate-intensity cardio and strength training for at least 3-4 days a week. 
  • Add a sense of community to your workout routine by joining a local fitness club

Have a look at some of our favorite beginner workouts to get you prepped for Dase's recs and have a look at the best time to exercise during the day before venturing to the elliptical. You're bound to see results in no time!

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