Who does Zack from 'Love is Blind' look like?

Fans have totally nailed down who Zack from 'Love is Blind' looks like. (Hint: they're famous twins!)

Who does Zack from 'Love is Blind' look like? Pictured: Zack in Season 4 of Love Is Blind
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Who does Zack from Love is Blind look like? It's but one question that Love is Blind season 4 has prompted since premiering its first five episodes on Netflix on Friday, March 24, including but not limited to "Does Irina leave Love is Blind season 4 early?" and "When was Love is Blind season 4 filmed?"

Zack from Love is Blind initially caught viewers' attention early thanks to his disastrous love triangle with Irina and Bliss in the pods (sorry, but we're totally Team Bliss) as well as the slightly cringey song he serenades Irina with, but the 31-year-old criminal defense lawyer has also gone viral on social media because of his looks—specifically fans trying to figure out who he looks like. 

From comedian John Mulaney to 1975 frontman Matt Healy, newfound reality star Zack Goytowski has numerous celebrity doppelgangers, but it seems like Love is Blind viewers have finally landed on Zack's celebrity twin...or shall we say, celebrity twins

Who does Zack from 'Love is Blind' look like? Fans react:

"HELP ZACK FROM LOVE IS BLIND LOOKS LIKE AN ACTOR BUT I CANT PIN POINT IT," one Love is Blind viewer posted on Twitter, until someone absolutely hit a bullseye in response: "He looks like one of the Property Brothers to me."

Yes, fans of the reality dating show have dubbed Zack Goytowski "a Property Brother that got left behind," referring to Jonathan and Drew Scott, famous twin brothers who are, respectively, a licensed contractor and a real estate expert that host the Property Brothers reality show and its various spinoffs. 

Viewers may think that Zack resembles a Scott brother, but his Love is Blind fiancée Irina Solomonova had other thoughts about his looks. "You have like the blankest stare in your eyes…you look like a fictional character. You look like something out of a cartoon...it's creepy," she said in a very awkward moment. The future is not looking bright for these two!

Catch Zack on Love Is Blind season 4, which premiered on Netflix on Friday, March 24. Here's the schedule for all of the upcoming Love Is Blind season 4 episodes, and be sure to check out other shows like Love Is Blind, too.

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