When was 'Love is Blind' season 4 filmed?

Production schedules have caused drama for our fave reality shows recently, so when was 'Love is Blind' season 4 filmed?

When was Love is Blind season 4 filmed? Pictured: Brandie, Bliss, Irina, Kacia, Micah in season 4 of Love is Blind
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We're back in the pods, baby! But when was Love is Blind season 4 filmed?

Production schedules have caused a bit of controversy recently with some of our favorite reality shows, with viewers wondering "when was Perfect Match filmed?" after that whole Shayne and Natalie drama and "when was season 10 of Vanderpump Rules filmed?" once news of the Tom Sandoval-and-Raquel Leviss cheating allegations hit. 

We already know where was Love is Blind season 4 filmed, but here's everything we know about when the fourth season of the Netflix hit was filmed. 

When was 'Love is Blind' season 4 filmed?

Love is Blind season 4 premiered with its first five episodes on Netflix on Friday, March 24, 2023, but the season was actually pre-filmed a year prior. 

The pod portion, which was staged at LA North Studios in Santa Clarita, California, was reportedly filmed in March and April of 2022. Once the Love is Blind season 4 couples became engaged and finally were allowed to set sights on each other, the action of the season moved to its main setting of Seattle, Washington, which was filmed in May 2022. The Capitol Hill Seattle blog reported that production was spotted at several venues in the neighborhood, including the self-pour pub Rapport and the Mexican cantina Fogon. 

Filming is said to have wrapped by fall 2022, but the fourth and fifth seasons of the show—which were both officially greenlit and announced back in March 2022—were reportedly filmed concurrently, so some of that filming schedule was dedicated to the show's fifth season. That also means that production on both seasons 4 and 5 was completed before Love is Blind season 3 even premiered in October 2022! 

According to co-host Vanessa Lachey, filming multiple seasons at once is a benefit for the show. “It would have been interesting to film like ten seasons without the first one airing, because that's also a [surprise] factor that they just take in,” she told Women's Health. “Season two and three [contestants] knew what happened in season one, and then the next couple are gonna know what happened.”

However, her husband and co-host Nick Lachey feels that each individual season has its own identity. “We've filmed five seasons,” he told the outlet. “Every single one has been so different from the others, so that's what makes it interesting, what makes it intriguing for us allows us to approach every single season with a fresh attitude and fresh perspective.”

When does 'Love is Blind' season 4 come out on Netflix?

Like previous seasons of Love is Blind, season 4 will debut in multi-episode batches on Netflix. The first five episodes premiered on Friday, March 24; episodes 6 through 8 will air a week later on March 31, followed by episodes 9 through 11 on Friday, April 7 and the finale on Friday, April 14. 

Watch the 'Love is Blind' season 4 trailer:

Love Is Blind season 4 premiered on Netflix on Friday, March 24. Here's the schedule for all of the upcoming Love Is Blind season 4 episodes, and be sure to check out other shows like Love Is Blind, too.

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