Why are all my TikTok videos gone? Here's what's happening with the app

Woke up to an empty page? People are asking: "Why are all my TikTok videos gone?"—here's why

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If you woke up and worryingly wondered, "Why are all my TikTok videos gone?" you are certainly not alone. 

Some of the best TikTok songs and most clever TikTok beauty hacks have seemingly been swallowed up in the cyberspace abyss. Beginning March 9, app users attempted to see their creations and were met with blank pages instead of a content-packed grid. Unsurprisingly, chaos ensued.

The phenomenon seems to be taking place in a variety of locations and it doesn't discriminate: both iPhone and Android users have reportedly faced the same conundrum. Needless to say, those who frequent the platform are curious about what's going on and, most importantly, how to get their videos back.

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Why are all my TikTok videos gone? An explainer

The app seems to be experiencing a tech glitch, though none of its social media handles or newsroom updates have addressed the issue. My Imperfect Life reached out to TikTok regarding this trend. At 5pm ET on Thursday, March 10, TikTok's representatives confirmed the issue has been cleared. 

If you're worried what to do should something like this happen again, here are a few pointers.

1. Report the problem

Visit TikTok Support and lodge a complaint. According to the support page's Twitter account, @TikTokSupport, they're "here to help 7 days a week, 8am - 5pm PST."

2. Log out and reopen the app

Though it doesn't necessarily work every time, log out of your app, shut down your phone and, if necessary, clear your cache. This might be one way in which to retrieve your information. 

Do give your device some time to decompress: if you go through these motions, don't reboot immediately. 

TikTok tips moving forward

If you're really passionate about your content, be sure that you're saving your videos elsewhere in the future. 

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