TikTok's 'One Word Horoscope' effect will keep you aligned with the cosmos

Remember, reunite, manifest? TikTok's 'One Word Horoscope' has something different for all members of the zodiac

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You can now rely on TikTok's 'One Word Horoscope' effect to satisfy your cosmic curiosities. 

If March 2022 horoscopes were not enough to whet your zodiac appetite, why not give the new FYP trend a shot? Though brief, it could be quite telling. 

In between TikTok beauty hacks and some wonky challenges, you might've noticed that your followers are looking to the stars for answers to life's big questions. If you, too, want to see how your fate fares, allow us to explain this fun new feature. 

TikTok's 'One Word Horoscope Effect'

The TikTok 'One Word Horoscope' is just that: one word based on your zodiac sign. Once you've logged onto the app, venture over to the Discover tab, type in "One Word Horoscope" and the filter will appear as quickly as Mercury causes pandemonium. 

Your sign's word will all depend on your astrological birth chart, and each sign generates a different response. Some results include "love," "forgive," "remember" and "manifest," to name just a few.

If this is something you'd like to use on the reg, be sure to hit “Add to Favorites” at the top of the page so that you're able to get a brief reading at a moment's notice. Who knows what each day has in store!


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Although astrologers will likely have something to say about this feature, it's all in good fun and a great way to think about how we approach our friendships, relationships and all other interactions. It could be a fun way to be mindful of our behavior, too. 

For a more concrete explanation of what's happening in the cosmos, be sure to explore our March astrology events to see what the solar system has up its sleeve this coming month, and what will likely manifest for you. 

And, if you're feeling particularly aligned with the universe, be sure to explore some of our favorite gifts astrology fans love because all signs can benefit from a cute candle or notebook, no matter their one-word results!

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