The real reason why women fake orgasms is definitely *not* what you were thinking

But it makes so much sense! When you hear why women fake orgasms, you'll have an a-ha moment yourself

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Everyone wants what Sally Albright is having, but many women fake orgasms just the way she does over lunch at Katz's. But why? Given that experimentation is on the rise in the bedroom—you did see the list of every state's favorite sex positions, right?—you'd think that both partners are in search of something authentic. 

While sexologists across the field have concurred that orgasms aren't the be-all, end-all of an intimate encounter, a new study has pinpointed the overwhelming culprit that puts an early kibosh on a good time. Honestly, we're a bit surprised we hadn't thought of it before...

This is the #1 reason why women fake orgasms, says study:

Perhaps it's boredom. Or overthinking could be to blame. The sex position might be uncomfortable or, heck, even dangerous, and the lighting in the room might not be right. (Lights on or lights off?

The study reveals that there are a variety of factors that cause partners to fake orgasm—women are more likely to do so than men, FYI—but atop the list at a staggering 40% is a partner's bad breath. 

Yes, per Innerbody's September 2023 study, it seems the most common roadblock is one that is the most overlooked. Though it's easy to get wrapped up in the moment, some natural fragrances are just too pungent to ignore.

More about the fake orgasm study:

The study aimed to uncover the orgasm gap and what exactly is happening in bed across genders and generations. Allegedly, women are more likely to orgasm from masturbation and in same-sex couples, but what is it exactly that gets them most aroused with a partner?

"Women are more likely to orgasm if deep kissing, manual genital stimulation, or oral sex (in addition to vaginal intercourse) are part of their sexual experience," the study says. 

With that in mind, perhaps you'll want to have a look at our tried-and-tested list of best sex toys for couples or ways to reset your sex life. Though you're likely paying attention to your sexual hygiene—as you should—don't forget about those dental needs, too. A little Listerine could go a long way!

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