These are the most dangerous sex positions out there, so proceed with caution

Lest you want to sustain an injury or two, tackle the most dangerous sex positions slowly and *carefully*

What are the most dangerous sex positions? Pictured: Woman massaging her leg because of leg muscle cramps
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The most dangerous sex positions are likely to raise red flags and cause a few, um, sensitive injuries along the way. Considering creativity has been revered in the bedroom as of late—allow each state's favorite sex positions to act as proof—this news might seem dire. 

Yes, sex feels like a workout every once in a while, but the thought of sustaining similar wounds to that of an NFL offensive line isn't exactly what couples had hoped for from their bedroom activities. So, what maneuvers are most susceptible to aches and pains? According to a new study, there are three potential hazards. Let's dive into the findings. 

What are the most dangerous sex positions?

A new study from the wellness brand Arcwave revealed that 25- to 35-year-olds were most likely to sustain sex injuries during passionate moments. The key culprits? You might be a bit surprised: 

  • Doggy Style 
  • Missionary
  • 69ing

Considering there are far more elaborate concoctions out there—take the pretzel dip sex position, for example—you'd think these go-tos wouldn't be so problematic. Then you have the recently rediscovered blooming orchid gaining traction, and it's no bargain for the knees. 

Yet somehow, it's the tried-and-true moves that seem to be causing bumps and bruises, a.k.a. "the most common type of sex injury." Other, more serious effects included vaginal tears, broken penises and even allergic reactions, according to Arcwave's findings.

However, other professionals in the sex and wellness field have uncovered different insights about what positions can be considered the most "dangerous." UK-based surgeon Dr. Karan Raj of TikTok fame, with over 5 million followers, says that reverse cowgirl is the riskiest move because it has the potential for a person's penis to be crushed by their partner's pelvic bones, per The New York Post. This Wild West style is apparently responsible for 50% of penile fractures. Yikes!

Per Men's Health, things can become risky for gentlemen when standing, as this is also likely to lead to penile fractures should their legs give out on stamina. And let's not forget, we're not even taking STIs and the like into consideration at this point. Essentially, anything can seem dangerous if taken too far. (With that in mind, check out some of our favorite sexual health gadgets and gear below!)

How to stay safe while exploring sex positions:

There's no guarantee what will work for you and your partner. What might feel like bliss to you and your significant other could be torture to another pair, depending on many factors like ability, overall health, etc. 

The necessary move, first and foremost, is to talk to your partner about needs, limitations, and consent. Honesty is the only way in which you will be able to enjoy the experience and stay safe. Should you need to rely on a few accessories to help make the experience more pleasurable, go right ahead.

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