What is the most popular sex position in each state? TikTok favorites are the top contenders

If you're in need of a little bedroom creativity, let this statewide survey be your guide...

What is the most popular sex position in each state? Pictured: various sex scenes like couples holding hands in bed on a graphic of the USA
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A telling new study has revealed the most popular sex position in each state, and you might be surprised by the results. Though Americans can rarely, if ever, agree on anything, it seems people across the country can concur on experimentation. From unique pleasure gadgets (take Lovers' mushroom sex toys, for example) to viral TikTok trends (like the knee thing), couples are eager to explore new paths to pleasure. 

According to research from Bedbible, there are a few favorite go-to's from coast to coast, and there are some lesser-known tactics intriguing couples. Regardless of what it is that strikes a state's fancy—the Wheelbarrow or the Lotus—it's crucial to talk about sex with your partner, express your needs, and get consent. 

"It is important to experiment, keep the spark alive in the bedroom, and explore new and exciting positions," a spokesperson for the brand revealed. "Though with so many out there, it can be a challenge to know which positions to try and if they are going to work for you. Being able to do research beforehand can make you feel a lot more comfortable about experimenting."

For those who want to wrap themselves up like an Auntie Ann pretzel or take things the simple route (such as spooning), here's what each state is most sexually curious about. (Psst: these are the top five most Googled sex positions if you're a bit overwhelmed with all of the options below!)

So, where do each of the states stand? We divvied up the findings for you, and since you were curious, the Pretzel was crowned the winner with 14 locations to its name. 

So, what does the Pretzel entail? The person being penetrated should lie on their right side while their partner kneels. The one receiving will lift up their left leg while their S.O. straddles the right one and enters them. The benefits of being somewhat sideways, legs folded and wrapped about, are that the penetration is deeper and it's easier to make eye contact. 

The silver medal was awarded to the popular Speed Bump sex position, akin to doggy style, but instead of forcing themselves up, the receiving partner lays flat on their stomach doggy style with a pillow propped beneath their hips. 

And in third place was the Eiffel Tower, perfect for jet setters...or, you know, the northeast. Per Bedbible, this move happens when one person goes on all fours to perform oral sex and creates the tower “base” while another receives oral sex and the other penetrates the “base”. 

Here's where the entire country stacks up in terms of sexual curiosity: 

  • Alabama: The Eagle
  • Alaska: The Triceratops
  • Arizona: The Butter Churner
  • Arkansas: The Speed Bump
  • California: Cupid's Arrow
  • Colorado: The Speed Bump
  • Connecticut: The Eiffel Tower
  • Delaware: The Eiffel Tower
  • Florida: The Corkscrew
  • Georgia: Spooning
  • Hawaii: The Jackhammer
  • Idaho: The Pretzel 
  • Illinois: The Butter Churner
  • Indiana: The Speed Bump
  • Iowa: The Pretzel
  • Kansas: The Pretzel 
  • Kentucky: The Pretzel
  • Louisiana: The Pretzel 
  • Maine: The Eagle
  • Maryland: The Pile Driver
  • Massachusetts: The Speed Bump
  • Michigan: Missionary
  • Minnesota: The Pretzel
  • Mississippi: The Pretzel
  • Missouri: The Wheelbarrow
  • Montana: The Lotus
  • Nebraska: The Pretzel
  • Nevada: The Pretzel
  • New Hampshire: The Lotus
  • New Jersey: The Prone
  • New Mexico: The Pretzel
  • New York: Cupid's Arrow
  • North Carolina: The Sniper
  • North Dakota: The Pretzel
  • Ohio: The Corkscrew
  • Oklahoma: The Pretzel
  • Oregon: The Eiffel Tower
  • Pennsylvania: The Pile Driver
  • Rhode Island: The Eagle
  • South Carolina: The Butterfly
  • South Dakota: The Pile Driver
  • Tennessee: The Speed Bump
  • Texas: The Speed Bump
  • Utah: The Pretzel
  • Vermont: The Wheelbarrow
  • Virginia: Cupid's Arrow
  • Washington: The Wheelbarrow
  • West Virginia: The Pretzel
  • Wisconsin: The Speed Bump
  • Wyoming: The Eiffel Tower

What is your home state horny for?

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