Would you give up sex for social media?

Orgasms or TikTok?

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One thing the majority of us can agree on is that sex, for the most part, is pretty great. Especially when you incorporate the best app-controlled vibrators and hands-free vibrators to help you reach the big O. But according to this latest study, half of Millenials if given the choice between going without sex or social media for a month, would give up sex in a heartbeat!

We concede that social media has its perks, like TikTok’s best hacks, beauty trends, and the endless supply of memes, plus it’s very addictive. But, is it really better than sex?

According to a survey by Casumo, rather a lot of Millenials seem to think so. Over half in fact of those surveyed said they would prefer to ditch sex for a month, over their favorite social media apps.

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One in three also agreed that they’d rather go sex-free than be without their favorite streaming service. So Netflix very much without the chill. This is a major contrast to age groups like 45-64-year-olds, with two-thirds saying they would never bid farewell to sex if given the choice.

A spokesperson from Casumo said the data was surprising, considering the last two years have for many prevented them from dating. They said: “This new data shows that the pull of Netflix or the importance of Instagram likes has a stronghold over the younger generations, particularly those aged 18-34. You might be surprised to see that the ‘oldies’ are the ones putting their sexual needs first!”

While there’s nothing wrong with having a lower sex drive, or sex being low on your list of needs, there are a few things you can do to spice things up and draw yourself away from those screens. 

Like trying out the most googled sex positions for example, or better yet, combining sex and socials—by giving TikTok’s sex hacks a go—like the pillow sex trick or g-spot hand trick

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