Curious about the most Googled sex positions? Wonder no more

Here's what everyone's been searching

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So, what are the most Googled sex positions out there? What causes a search spike?

We all have our go-to repertoire of moves—sex positions to help sculpt and tone, sex positions based on your star sign, etc., etc. But now we know exactly what sends the internet abuzz. 

If you fancy after a bit of sexpiration, read on!

The most Googled sex positions

According to SlotsUP, searches for the "best sex positions" are up by 335%, and everyone's on the lookout for new sex trends now that our lockdown days are (hopefully) behind us. 

These are the moves that have left us curious: 

1. The Lotus

Lotus sex postion illustration provided by SlotsUP

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The Lotus is described as a move for the "mindful couple." (Check out the mindful sex benefits if you're curious to know more.)

It asks the giver to sit with their legs crossed. Then, their partner sits on their lap with their legs placed on each side of the giver’s hips.

The Lotus is very intimate and sensual, as it allows for movement and kissing. And yes, science says kissing during sex increases orgasm, so anything that's pro-smooch is going to be a crowd-pleaser.

2.  Splitting Bamboo

illustration of the splitting bamboo sex position provided by SlotsUP

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Described as a "lazy-couples" go-to, the splitting bamboo position is very chilled. IMHO lazy sex is highly underrated, it often gets a bad rep and is never really spoken about. However, it really comes into its own when you're in the mood but not so much for strenuous exercise. 

The splitting bamboo allows the receiver to lie back, leaning on their arms and tilted slightly to one side, with their leg up on their partner’s shoulder. It allows for deeper penetration while allowing going at any tempo. Plus the lucky receiver gets to just lie back!

If you want to make this move even better and lazier, you can also add one of the best hands-free vibrators and try it on the sofa.

3. The Plough

Illustration of the plough sex position provided by SlotsUP

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This is certainly a move for the more adventurous lovers among us who really want to shake things up. (No doubt those who attempt have studied the list of exercises for better sex.) 

The Plough sees one partner on their front,  leaning on their arms with the rest of their body off the side of the bed. Then, the giving partner stands beside the bed in between the other’s legs, which the partner lifts up and holds off the bed. 

Strong arms are recommended for this move though, as it’s a bit of a workout. If you're a little shaky, let these resistance band exercises bulk up your arms. Problem solved. 

4.  The Catherine Wheel

illustration of the Catherine Wheel provided by SlotsUP

(Image credit: SlotsUP)

Fair warning: this move is a bit more complicated and may take some practice. 

The giving partner lies on their back with their legs crossed, the receiver then straddles them, placing their legs around the giver’s torso. They then move their leg across the receiver’s middle, kind of like a seatbelt

The Catherine Wheel is also a great opportunity to experiment with sex toys like the best app-controlled vibrators to really get your legs shaking.

5.  The Bridge

illustration of the Bridge provided by SlotsUP

(Image credit: SlotsUP)

For those who are more flexible, the bridge is the fifth most searched move. To do this move, the receiving partner is backward on all fours, creating a bridge shape with their body. Their partner will then kneel and be positioned in between their legs.

Now let's talk frequency: How often should you have sex?

Although there is no magic number and sexperts insist that couples do whatever works best for them, Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert for Lovers says there's a potential sweet spot. 

"Having sex three to four times a week can help you maintain your intimate connection and bond, as well as fill you with those happy hormones that are necessary for our health," she previously told My Imperfect Life. 

And, as you already know, there are five Google sex positions above, which helps for mixing, matching and spicing things up.

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