This YSL lipstick maker will help you customize the shades of your dreams

The YSL lipstick maker has officially mesmerized social media, and understandably so

Woman in lipstick with YSL Lipstick maker in back
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Pucker up, buttercup: the YSL lipstick maker, formally known as Rouge Sur Mesure Custom Lip Color Creator, will allow you to be your own beauty mogul. 

The best lipstick is a highly debatable and subjective topic, but now thanks to this handy makeup device, you'll be able to customize the perfect bespoke shade—one that's not available on shelves. 

In true 21st-century fashion, the gadget has become one of the most popular trending hashtags on TikTok. Catch many a video dedicated to the tool in #YSLBeauty, which has garnered over 215 million views. (C'mon—you know you're curious!)

If your latest trip to Sephora, though satisfying, left you wanting more, perhaps it's time to take your cosmetics destiny into your own hands?

What is the YSL Lipstick Maker?

So, how does this bad boy work? With the help of PERSO technology, the nifty machine offers cartridges in four colors: nude, red, pink and orange. Connect your Rouge Sur Mesure device to the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure app, play around with colors and then once you've uncovered what you like, the hue will be calibrated in a creamy, velvety finish.

Essentially, this is the lipstick to end all lipstick purchases. From now on, you are responsible for the color you want. It's makeup making from the future!

YSL Lipstick Maker on TikTok

Have a look at the way in which the YSL product works via TikTok and just try not to get engrossed in the tech device. 


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Though neat and engaging, do be forewarned: the price tag is hefty, but we consider it to be an investment piece. After all, you can create lipsticks from now until the end of time and never run out of possibilities—the tool is capable of producing over 4,000 shades!

While you're playing with makeup, do be sure to find the outfit that fits with your new lip color—our 2022 capsule wardrobe can help. 

Yves Saint Laurent, Rogue Sur Mesure Custom Lip Color Creator ($299, £250)

Yves Saint Laurent, Rogue Sur Mesure Custom Lip Color Creator ($299, £250)

Need us? We'll be puckering up in front of the mirror.

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