Which zodiac signs have the greatest sex drive? A new study has the steamy results

Can you guess which water sign takes home the W?

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Curious about the zodiac signs with the greatest sex drive? Even if the information wasn't readily available in your birth chart, we'll help you get up to speed.

For a deep dive into bedroom habits, look no further than Lovehoney. The sexual wellness brand decided to uncover which members of the zodiac are most anxious to get down to business. After nearly two years of research, here's what its reps discovered and how they carried out their findings.

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Zodiac signs with the greatest sex drive

By studying sales data of sex toys from January 2020 to December 2021, Lovehoney uncovered which signs are snatching the most pleasure playthings, a.k.a. which signs have the greatest sex drive.

Below is the order in which the star signs fall and the gross spend that led to the final results. Do you agree with what Lovehoney revealed, or are you suspicious of where each astro sign stacks up? (If you're displeased with your standing, check out sexperts' go-to essential oils to help boost your sex drive.)

  • Cancer: £11.2 million 
  • Taurus: £11 million
  • Gemini: £10.9 million
  • Aries: £10.7 million
  • Leo: £10.7 million
  • Virgo: £10.6 million
  • Libra: £10.3 million
  • Pisces: £10.3 million
  • Aquarius: £10.2 million
  • Capricorn: £10.1 million
  • Sagittarius: £9.9 million
  • Scorpio: £9.8 million 
Meet the expert: Inbaal Honigman

Considered the "psychics' psychic, Inbaal uses tarot, astrology and other methods of divination in her readings. You can catch her advice in Marie Claire UK, The Daily Mail and other publications

Astrologist Inbaal Honigman further commented on particulars as to why certain zodiac signs landed higher spots than others.

"Cancers are all about creating a warm connection with someone really special. They love feeling that someone is truly, heart-breakingly into them,” she said. 

Though Cancer's win seemed like a no-brainer, she was rather surprised by Scorpios' placement, given its such a passionate water sign.

"Their lower spend on toys may simply be because of their preference for human touch," she added.

Though we tend to turn to the stars for meaning and guidance, if you're looking for a way to turn things up a notch under the sheets, have a look at the best sex tips, straight from the experts.

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