Dating by zodiac sign: what does your star sign say about your dating style?

Is dating by zodiac sign the way to go? This guide will help you find out if your love life is written in the stars

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You've probably thought about dating by zodiac sign, especially if you're the kind of person who religiously reads your 2021 horoscope predictions. If you've already downloaded all the best dating apps only to feel letdown, dating by star sign might be the solution you're looking for. After all, finding someone who aligns with your personality and desires can be a long search without the right criteria. 

Astrology has been around for many years, exposing and capturing the things about us that we often don't recognize. It pinpoints the things that make us who we are, and it relies on the stars and celestial objects to illustrate what we may be, who we may love, and even who we may dislike. Whether you want to dig deeper into your own sign or the sign of a certain someone, here’s what you need to know about dating by star sign. 

Dating by zodiac sign: what does it mean for you?


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 20 January - 18 February  

Aquarius partners are known for having a natural calmness about them, showcasing independence and high social skills. In the dating world, you may find that sense of independence to be the main key in finding a partner. Aquarius-born people often don't like to be tied down and while they're typically open-minded, they tend to have high standards and need their alone time.  


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19 February - 20 March

Known and loved for being so in tune with their emotions, Pisces lovers are often some of the best. Their artistic minds make for unique forms of romance that tend to leave their partners craving more of their affection. However, this giving personality can also be so kind that they're left heartbroken easily. 


Aries horoscope sign - stock photo

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21 March - 19 April 

Aries born tend to have energetic personalities that are both adaptive and adventurous. In the dating world, you're sure to find spontaneity and cheerfulness. When matched, you can count on the relationship double the fun, as you never know what adventure is going to come next.


Taurus horoscope sign - stock photo

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20 April - 20 May

You'll find the most romance when it comes to dating a Taurus. They're often extremely passionate while maintaining a sense of logical existence. This makes for a great partner because they tend to be decisive and honest. 


Gemini horoscope sign - stock photo

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21 May - 20 June

If you can't keep up with quick-witted humor and a personality that draws everyone's attention, dating a Gemini might not be for you. However, if you are a Gemini, you might have luck dating another Gemini. You're no stranger to feeling like the star in a room, and your cheerful personality makes everyone want to date you. The hardest part is choosing between your suitors.


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21 June - 22 July

Best at cuddling, Cancer partners are extremely affectionate. They're often found to be nurturing and careful in relationships, making sure they don't overstep any boundaries.


Leo horoscope sign - stock photo

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23 July - 22 August

Leo dating is often filled with spoiling your partners and trying to impress them. However, that doesn't mean showing off all the time. Leos tend to be giving, always wanting to go above and beyond for their partners, putting them on a pedestal even when they personally enjoy that attention.


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23 August - 22 September

Virgos will often seek out like-minded partners that strive for excellence. They're no big fans of complications and tend to be straightforward in relationships, meaning they need a partner that can deal with their bluntness.


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23 September - 22 October

Libras tend to give out compliments as if they're candy, spoiling their partners with words and affection rather than relying solely on physical gifts. They are often inclined to physical affection and unafraid to show who they like. 


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23 October - 21 November

Scorpios are known for seeking deep connections with their partners. This can feel intense to some people, but to the right partner, it shows how willing they are to invest in the relationship. 


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22 November - 21 December

Sagittarius partners tend to be extremely free-spirited and shine when in love. They tend to seek out people they can nurture and encourage, as it makes them feel good about themselves. They're often the first to invite somebody on a fun adventure, seeking out positive and open-minded partners.


Capricorn horoscope sign - stock photo

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22 December - 19 January

Capricorns love stability, typically seeking out strong-willed partners that have independent personalities. This tends to prevent them from jumping into relationships right away and allows for partners to know they're serious when ready to commit. 

Dating always comes with a little uncertainty, but knowing more about your signs can help you make decisions about your next steps, and inform how you or your potential partner may interact with each other. Are you ready to jump into dating by star sign? 

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