What is the 12/3/30 workout routine and how can I try it?

For a low-risk exercise with results, the 12/3/30 workout routine has become TikTok's go-to—here's why

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In typical 2022 fashion, the 12/3/30 workout routine rose to fame on FYPs. 

#hotgirlwalk, one of the many trending hashtags on TikTok, started to gain traction and circled back to this popular numeric combo. As the viral fame increased, everyone's workout routines were altered to include this treadmill exercise. 

Coined by influencer Lauren Giraldo, 12/3/30 is not necessarily something new, but it is worth pursuing, according to the experts. 

"The treadmill is, unfortunately, a pretty under-appreciated piece of equipment, it's usually the 'dreadmill,'" jokes running coach and expert Elizabeth "Corky" Corkum

Teaching a course with a similar method, she notes that 12/3/30 is accessible to all types of gym-goers and provides results. 

"It's a great activity for anyone to try, whether you're a runner and it's a form of cross-training you want to add to your weekly routine [or] if you're someone who hops on the bike or the elliptical," she says. "It can fit a role into anyone's life. It's really good for your heart and your aerobic capacity."

So if it's trending, there must be a reason behind it, right? Grab the best workout clothes from your closet and make a beeline over to the nearest gym—we'll tell you what you need to know. 

What is the 12/3/30 workout routine?

Although the name might be a tongue twister, the concept itself is pretty simple: working out on a treadmill with a 12% incline at 3 miles per hour for 30 minutes.

"It's a pretty accessible activity and a little less scary for people who are afraid of running," Corkum notes. 

Though it's low impact, you're still going to work up a sweat. (The best reusable water bottles make for handy companions.) 

"You'll be sweating, burning calories, working those large power muscles like glutes and hamstrings," Corkum adds. 


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Though some might scoff at the idea of following a routine linked to a hashtag, but the key to a good workout is one you'll enjoy—that's half the battle. Perhaps its viral success says something! 

"Working out should not feel intimidating. If your fitness routine does not excite you, it’s time to find movements and a structure that removes the risk of losing motivation again," says Joanna Dase, a fitness expert at Curves

Tips for the 12/3/30 workout routine

If you want to work said glutes and hamstrings safely and effectively, there are a few things to note about 12/3/30, particularly when it comes to posture, according to Corkum.

"If you're going to get the benefits of hauling it up a 12% grade for 30 minutes—and have good form and low injury risk—you do not want to be holding onto that treadmill. You want to make sure you're able to walk, driving your arms back and forth," she says.

Though satisfying in the midst of a workout, hanging onto the equipment will ultimately do more harm than good. And it can affect your health down the line. 

"If you lean back, it's going to put a lot of stress through your spine, hips and knees, and over time this can cause some major discomfort."

A good form must always take priority over pace, so if this is something you'd like to attempt but can't quite achieve immediately, give it a whirl and dial back the speed a bit. (We won't tell if you're really working with 12/2.6/30—promise!) 

To enjoy this routine even more, Dase believes in a very TikTok-accepted ideology: dress the part.

"This tip might sound simple, but it is one of the most effective," she says. "Set out your workout gear the night before, so it is laid out and ready for when you get up to work out. Ensure to find something that fits you and makes you feel good when you wear it."

(Anyone else thinking about a new pair of those TikTok yoga pants?)

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