The 'coconut challenge' is TikTok's latest viral sex hack, but should you try it? An expert weighs in

People are going wild for the TikTok 'coconut challenge,' but is it worth it?

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Everyone's going bananas for the coconut challenge, one of the latest TikTok sex hacks to gain traction on FYPs. 

Like the trends that came before it, including fitness buffs' go-to, the coregasm, and the buzzy new belly press trick, the ode to the tropical fruit is a fun way to reset your sex life and experiment with something new. 

"It’s great to see that these viral challenges can help people explore more pleasure with their partners and improve relationships, as well as boost self-esteem and mood," says Melissa Stone, a sex and relationship expert at Joy Love Dolls. "However, it's always important to make sure all challenges are practiced safely and with consent."

But is this one that is truly worth attempting, or is it simply coco-nuts? Let's learn a little bit more.

Melissa Stone

Melissa Stone is a sex and relationship expert at Joy Love Dolls, the "world's leading authority on sexual exploration, adult toys and realistic dolls."

What is the 'coconut challenge' on TikTok?

First things first, what is the coconut challenge, exactly? No need for a trip to the produce aisle!

"It's a trend where you spell out the word 'coconut' with your hips while a woman is on top during sex to give your partner maximum pleasure," says Stone. 

Naturally, this involves a fair amount of swaying and flexibility. 

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Is the 'coconut challenge' worth it?

Well, it depends on who you ask! It's intended to be a great experience for the penetrating partner, but the other half of the equation might not feel overly stimulated, according to Stone. 

"It is unclear how spelling out coconut would be beneficial when you are on top during sex," Stone admits. "Perhaps it helps with rhythm and pleasure, but it is not necessary for a successful sexual experience."

Is it worth trying? Sure, it has the potential to be great for both parties. But you'll want to prepare yourself before venturing into uncharted territory. 

"Before trying any sexual activity it is super important to communicate with your partner and have open and honest conversations on what you do and don't enjoy, to be sure you’re both reaching maximum pleasure pleasantly," Stone says. 

And yes, there's the physical health factor that you'll need to keep in mind, too. Though not as involved as let's say reverse cowgirl or doggy style, there is a good amount of movin' and shakin.'

"This challenge includes a lot of movement in your hips and top half of the body, make sure this is something you’re fit and healthy enough to do," Stone warns.

Can you use sex toys with the 'coconut challenge'?

Stone says that the coconut challenge can be attempted with or without accessories, it all depends on your preference. Should you be interested in adding a few goodies to your sexcapades, our tried and test favorite sex toys for couples include the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring (see at Amazon) and Lovehoney's Tiani 2 (see at Amazon).

So, what do you think about the coconut challenge? Are you willing to give it a shot, or will you save the summertime fruit for the piña coladas? For more ways to explore pleasure, check out the 2023 sex trends experts believe are making an impact between the sheets.

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