April's Aries solar eclipse is forcing you to reexamine your identity, according to astrologers

The Aries solar eclipse is "a journey to the re-birth of our identity,' says evolutionary astrologer Dalila Salgueiro

an eclipse on a yellow background representing the aries solar eclipse in april 2023
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The next new moon will bring an Aries solar eclipse along for an illuminating ride. 

If you ask the pros, this celestial phase is particularly important. Not only does it kickstart the 2023 eclipse cycle, but it forces us to dig deep within ourselves and welcome a new chapter. 

"This eclipse happens in the last degree of this fiery sign [Aries] and it tells us about a journey to [the] re-birth of our identity," astrologer Dalila Salgueiro said in a statement.  "Where do we want to head from now on? What do you want to leave behind?"

It'll definitely give us plenty to think about, that's for sure.

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Dalila Salgueiro

Dalila Salgueiro is an astro-manifesting coach and the founder of @themanifestingapp as well as Comms Ça PR agency based in London and New York. 

When is the Aries solar eclipse?

On Thursday, April 20, we'll experience the new moon and solar eclipse in Aries, opening this year's eclipse portal. According to astrologer Liz Simmons, it's "occurring in Mars-ruled zodiac signs, so there might be more assertiveness, aggressiveness, sensuality, and passion erupting during this eclipse season." (Make sure to adjust your behavior accordingly.) 

Overall, given that we're working with Aries, she expects there to be an emphasis on themes like courage and independence. Salgueiro recommends that we stay social on the work front and organize meetings in order to progress and prosper. However, like any good eclipse season, unexpected things could be thrown our way, so it's not a time to manifest, but rather reflect.

"We should try to find healthy outlets to work through our waves of strong feelings and frustration so that we don't become overwhelmed," Simmons previously recommended when discussing the event in a Mars-ruled zodiac sign.

Additionally, we should also be mindful that everyone's favorite planet is getting ready to do its thing: we hate to break the bad news, but Mercury retrograde 2023 will kick off its second of four cycles on April 21, one day after the solar eclipse. No need to stress, though, it won't be all doom and gloom like you might've thought.

"These first three might be somewhat easier to go through since earth energy is stable, determined and rational," Simmons previously told us. "So, it might be easier to work through the logistics of the craziness that Mercury retrograde could bring."

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Liz Simmons

Liz Simmons is a freelance writer, astrologer, and tarot reader based in Salem, MA. She views astrology and tarot as another tool in our arsenal to understand the cosmic interplay in our lives. Currently, Liz contributes astrological articles and horoscopes to StyleCaster, POPSUGAR and Astrology.com. She is also the resident astrologer at ASCEND Get Lifted. Check out Liz’s Instagram @the__crone and her website, the-crone.com. 

What's next?

Since the solar eclipse in April gets the ball rolling, you might be curious about what's to come next. Each particular event has different areas of focus, per Salgueiro.

"After this Eclipse will come the Lunar in Scorpio on May 5, encouraging us to finally close that toxic cycle and give way to our rebirth," she said. "Followed by the next solar eclipse on October 14, already in Libra, inaugurating a new, fairer and more balanced way of bonding."

It all wraps up in October: "The last eclipse of the year 2023 will be at the end of October, lunar and in Taurus, putting emphasis in our economic value, the relationship with the resources, body and food."

For more ways to stay in tune with the cosmos, check out our guide to what planet is in retrograde and our 2023 full moon calendar, astrology gifts to all those who are cosmically conscious! 

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