This astrology site can predict your celebrity soulmate

The stars have spoken, and you're compatible with Zac Efron

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The stars have revealed that we're turning towards the Astrotheme celebrity soulmate calculator to uncover our perfect Hollywood match. (*Whips out astrological birth chart*) 

According to a few trending hashtags on TikTok, the Astrotheme website is gaining popularity across FYPs, and everyone's anxious to find out whether they're better suited for Harry Styles or Zac Efron. 

Though the cosmic pros say any sign can work well together in terms of astrological compatibility—celebrity or not—you know you're curious if you'll get along better with Selena Gomez or Billie Eilish.

If you're curious, we'll tell you how to find out!

Astrotheme celebrity soulmate: what you need to know

How it works

The calculator works when you input basic information such as your name, birthday and the location where you were born, which in turn provides you with your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign.

After that comes the fun part: you'll need to type in the name of your celebrity crush in a bid to see how compatible you are with them. Now is the time to uncover whether or not you and Timothée Chalamet are meant to be as one (though you're probably leaning towards 'yes' on that).

The calculator will show you four different compatibility ratings out of 100% for each celeb crush you enter based on conjugal (marriage), emotional, sexual and communication.

The results

The funny quiz has gone viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. Naturally, people are eager to show off their matter how delightful or embarrassing! 

One user was quite pleased to learn that she and Harry Styles are 100% astrological twin flames


♬ Quirky - Oleg Kirilkov

Another user was a little surprised that she and former President Barack Obama are in sync with one another.


♬ Quirky - Oleg Kirilkov

Naturally, this is all in good fun, but if you're really curious how matters of the heart will treat you, have a look at our 2022 love horoscope and start sending out those good vibes for 2023!

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