'Bad Vegan' memes that gave us a seriously good belly laugh

The internet doesn't miss a beat: 'Bad Vegan' memes are proof it's on its game

Sarma Melngailis in Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives. Cr. Netflix © 2022
(Image credit: Netflix © 2022)

If you need a pick-me-up, these Bad Vegan memes will deliver in spades. 

While the four-part docuseries—some of the best true crime on Netflix—reveals how innocent workers suffered at the hands of a scamming couple, the truly outlandish antics beg for wild reactions (and, of course, sympathy for all Pure Food & Wine staffers). 

Anna Delvey memes and The Tinder Swindler memes set the precedent, and now the internet's new target is New York City's most infamous vegan restauranteur. (If you're curious about what happened to Sarma Melngailis, we'll get you up to speed.)

Sit back and allow the World Wide Web to do what it does best. 

Before we present to you our favorite LOL moments from the Twittersphere, let's backtrack a bit.

Bad Vegan, Netflix's latest tale of deceit, follows Sarma Melngailis, the founder of Pure Food & Wine and New York's pioneer of vegan dining. Though she was a sharp, business-savvy woman, things went downhill when she connected with a man on Twitter.

Shane Fox (né Anthony Strangis) scammed the restauranteur into countless dollars to help fuel his gambling addiction. Despite his police record and promise to make Melngailis' dog immortal—Strangis claimed to be inhuman—she tied the knot with this "God-like" force and ultimately scammed her employees and investors out of millions.

Perhaps the most ironic thing of all? When the couple went on the run, a Domino's Pizza order (presumably not vegan) busted them and alerted authorities to their whereabouts. Karma, karma, karma! 

Now that you're aware of the backstory and red flags, please proceed!

Our favorite 'Bad Vegan' memes:

1. "What's going on?"

Pretty much from the get-go, this Netflix hit had us wondering what in the world was happening in the vegan community. 

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2. Prepare to be shocked

Yes, we are just as surprised as you are.

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3. Unexpected new binge

While we're patiently waiting for Bridgerton season 2, we need a little snack. Bad Vegan delivers in all of its plant-based and deceit-laced goodness. If you thought you weren't going to binge this doc in one sitting, think again. 

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4. More money, more problems

Have we learned nothing from The Tinder Swindler? Any time a man you just began seeing asks you for money, this is a bad sign. Do you not see the red flags waving in the wind?

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5. Turning a blind eye

When said red flags begin to multiply, do not proceed.

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6. A cool, casual $10,000

Five bucks is one thing, but if a new match on Hinge needs you to wire him thousands of dollars, something is seriously suspicious. 

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7. Not falling for it

A lot of Twitter users are unconvinced of Melngailis' "naïveté."

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8. When he says he can make your dog immortal...

While yes, we'd jump at a chance to keep Fido by our side forever, we know this is NOT a possibility. If a potential match promises to keep your furry best friend alive for all eternity, this is one of the biggest dating deal breakers to put on your list. 

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9. Have a headache?

Is this story making your head spin? Pass the Tylenol.

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10. 'The Tinder Swindler' 2.0

Once again, we ask: does this sound familiar? 

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