'The Tinder Swindler' memes have surfaced, and we're swiping right on these LOL moments

Leave it to the internet—'The Tinder Swindler' memes are invading feeds everywhere

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Recent The Tinder Swindler memes are undoubtedly some of the internet's best work. 

One man's high-stakes online dating scam has resulted in a Netflix documentary and subsequently comical musings on Twitter, Reddit and beyond. 

Before we bestow some funnies on you, allow us to retrace our steps: Who is the Tinder Swinder? is the question on everyone's mind following the film's release. Well, the answer is a bit complicated. 

Four women recount their romance with Simon Leviev (born Shimon Hayut) who conned his way into $10 million dollars from his various matches. (No dating green flags insight here.) 

He claimed to be a worker for LLD Diamonds—what he said was a dangerous business—and posed as the son of Lev Leviev, who is considered "the king of diamonds" in Israel. After wooing his matches with luxurious experiences, soon Hayut made up some sort of life-threatening lie that would require his dates to fork over cash...a lot of cash. 

Nearly $10 million later, we have quite the story on our hands, and the internet wasn't going to let an opportunity like this pass by. 

'The Tinder Swindler' memes 

Though the situation itself was frightening and life-altering for the women who experienced it—Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjöholm and Ayleen Charlotte all detail their real-life encounters with Hayut in the documentary—the Twitterverse and beyond decided to add a little levity to the situation and the overall experience of watching The Tinder Swindler on Netflix. 

Even the best dating apps come with bizarre stories, but this one totally takes the cake. 

Upon starting the February Netflix release, we were in shock à la Adele with the way the story unfolded. 

Some of us though the outlandish actions were fiction, but no—this is in fact real. 

There was no shame in Simon's game.

Going forward, let this be a warning to be aware of the billionaires you encounter on Tinder, Hinge and so on. 

"Catch flights, not feelings." Simon has this method nailed down perfectly.

The nerve of this guy. How about you pawn your car, Simon?

Did anyone find it suspicious that the self-proclaimed billionaire, who also had a billionaire for a father, never called on his family for help? Isn't that suspicious?!

What's this? A cross-over? Looks like the most-watched Netflix show of all time is getting in on The Tinder Swindler action with this meme! 

Even one of our favorite chains decided to chime in. 

Cheers to Alyeen, who out-swindled the swindler. We applaud you!

We feel for the women who had honest intentions when searching the app for love. Though we are getting a chuckle out of The Tinder Swindler memes, always be cautious when chatting with new people online and never reveal any personal information to someone you just met. 

If the documentary hasn't swayed you, the new Tinder Blind Date feature has officially landed on apps. If this isn't impeccable timing, we're not sure what is. 

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