Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li is pregnant! Here's everything we know about her new beau, career and baby news

We have a Bling baby on the way! Here's the lowdown on Kelly Mi Li's baby news, her mystery boyfriend and her career

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Bling Empire's Kelly Mi Li is going to be a mom! The Netflix star has just announced that she and her mystery beau—who she hinted at in Bling Empire season three—are expecting a baby.

Kelly Mi is a fan favorite on the reality show, thanks to her business savvy and how she expertly seems to swerve the drama that seems to follow costars, Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim. And while she has had a number of wild storylines on Bling Empire, namely her red-flagged filled relationship with ex-boyfriend Andrew Gray, her life off-screen is even more interesting—from her self-made millionaire status to her previous marriage.

That being said, we're also very curious about her new man/baby daddy, after Kelly announced their exciting baby news on Instagram. 

So, to answer all your burning questions—here's everything we know about Kelly Mi Li, from her baby news to boyfriend and net with...

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How old is Kelly Mi?

Kelly was born on 13 November 1985, which currently makes her 36 years old and one of the youngest cast members ahead of Kim Lee, 34 and Jaime Xie who is just 24.

What does Kelly Mi Li do?

Kelly is one of four people on the show who is “self-made”. She is currently a media and production company executive in Los Angeles as well as being a partner at Greyscale Lab. She was previously a managing partner at East West Artists, a talent management company. 

She is also the co-founder of a company named Organic Media Group and founded a media and production company, Wet Paws Media (opens in new tab), which according to its website is “coming soon”. 

Most recently she also founded a non-profit organization called, 'Golden Voice Society Community' which is "dedicated to education and giving back to the AAPI community."

One of her top priorities is to boost Asian representation through her work. “I moved [to the US] from China when I was 9, 10 years old, and growing up I didn’t really have people who looked like me on TV,” she says. According to Bustle (opens in new tab), she is currently working on a script “somewhat based” on her and her ex-husband’s life together, including both the good and the bad. 

On the show, Kelly makes it clear that she is a busy woman, with working coming first. “I can’t go to lunch five days a week with them,” she says. “I work very hard. Success didn’t come easy; being an entrepreneur is not a nine-to-five. You’re on it 24/7.” 

Interestingly Kelly is actually one of Bling Empire's producers, alongside co-star Christine Chiu—who recently featured on Dancing With The Stars. 

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Who is Kelly Mi’s new boyfriend? 

In the finale of season three, Kelly Mi Li did hint that she was seeing someone new, following an unsuccessful run of online dating (after Kane set up a profile for her) but she kept tight-lipped on the subject, telling her costars she would introduce them one day.

She did however introduce her new boyfriend on Instagram (well, sort of) as she posted a snap, holding hands with him on the beach to mark their anniversary. However, we can only really see his silhouette and Kelly did not tag him, so his identity still remains a mystery.

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While she still hasn't revealed his identity, she has shared that things are getting rather serious between the two of them—because they're having a baby!

Kelly took to Instagram to share the news, posting a picture of herself, holding a positive pregnancy test. She captioned the post with: "Well, the mystery to why I’ve been craving sweets and not just spicy food is finally solved! 😅 We’re so beyond grateful and excited to be starting this new chapter in our lives 🥰"

She also shared the cutest video of her own mom finding out that she's going to be a grandma...

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Fingers crossed we get more updates on the new little family in Bling Empire season four!

As for her relationship history, when we were first introduced to Kelly Mi Li in season one, she revealed that she was divorced and vowed to only be in relationships “for love”—after her marriage to her wealthy ex-husband ended with him being charged with fraud and the couple losing everything. 

The first season then focused on her strained relationship with Andrew Gray, with one episode seeing the couple get into a heated argument, where Andrew called Kelly while she is out shopping in Paris with Anna, and screamed at her down the phone for leaving him behind at the hotel whilst he was asleep.  

“What the f*ck is going on? Your lack of effort drives me f*cking crazy,” he shouted. The whole thing is very uncomfortable to watch, especially when Kelly later revealed that it wasn't the first time he had lashed out like that. “I haven’t figured out the exact best strategy to deal with Drew when he gets in these bad moods or episodes,” she told the cameras. “Unfortunately this is not the first time Drew’s yelled at me or spoken to me this way.”

Throughout the first season, the two try to work through their issues by going to couples counseling but ultimately decide to end things. However, towards the end of the season, which was filmed in 2019, they seemed to get close again but officially broke up in March 2021. In season two of Bling Empire, Kelly focused on herself (vagina sunbathing and all) and was trying to put a stop to the cycle of toxic relationships and we're so happy for her.

Fast forward to season three, Drew paid a surprise visit to Anna Shay and arrived at a group party with her, much to Kelly's dismay. Despite his attempt to reconnect with her, however, Kelly confronted Anna for ambushing her with him and that's the last we hear of that drama in season three...

Now ahead of the fourth installment, we know Kelly is loved-up with her man and preparing to become a mom!

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What is Kelly’s net worth?

Kelly Mi Li is said to have a net worth of around $5 million (£3.6million), according to Heat (opens in new tab). This means she's high on the Bling Empire rich list!

Who is Kelly Mi’s ex-husband?

Kelly was once married to a man named Lin Miao, a founder and CEO of a texting company, who was arrested for “running one of the largest cyber scams in American history” around ten years ago. 

“In my twenties, I was married to a Chinese guy, and we lived a privileged, outrageous lifestyle,” she explains in the first episode of the show. “You know, seven cars, four houses. I think at the time we were spending, like, 400,000 a month on our black [American Express card] until one day the government showed up and took everything from us, and my ex-husband was arrested.”

At the time, Lin and his co-conspirators conducted a multi-million-dollar scam to charge text message services on consumers’ bills without their permission, according to the Federal Trade Commission (opens in new tab)’s website and the Los Angeles Business Journal (opens in new tab)

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