Who is the richest cast member in 'Bling Empire'? The answer may (or may not) surprise you!

Wondering who is the richest in 'Bling Empire'? We've got the DL on which cast member has the most cash to burn on Birkin bags and Gucci sunglasses...

Mimi Morris and Kelly Mi Li on Bling Empire season three
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Bling Empire season three is here at last and so far, no expense has been spared! The new series is serving up walk-in wardrobes packed with Birken bags and Louboutins galore, lavish over-the-top kid’s parties and the cast members themselves covered in, well...bling! So it’s understandable that you might find yourself wondering, just who is the richest in Bling Empire’s cast?

The third instalment of our fave reality show has seen the likes of Anna Shay, Kevin Kreider and Christine Chiu make their return—along with a host of new faces, like Devon Diep—and so far the outfits, houses and cars have been bigger and better than ever before. 

While the cast's affluence is pretty evident—what with all the designer brands and Bling Empire being filmed in LA—some of these net worths are downright eye-watering! But who tops the Bling Empire rich list? The answer might actually surprise you…

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Who is the richest in 'Bling Empire'?

Mimi and Donald Morris

According to the Tab, these two top the list with a combined net worth of nearly a billion dollars. 

Mimi alone is said to be worth around $100 million—which is unsurprising if you’ve seen her wardrobe and driveway, we lost count of all the Rolls Royces—with her husband Donald’s worth hitting the $800 million mark.

Anna Shay

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly a surprise that the show’s matriarch, Anna Shay is close to the top of this list—but the actual figures might make you wince. 

Drum roll, please...Anna’s net worth, according to Heart is said to be around $600 million, which makes her one of the richest cast members by about $500 million, give or take… 

Christine Chiu and Dr. Chiu

Christine and Gabriel Chiu have an impressive combined net worth of $80 million which is both earned and inherited. 

Dr. Chiu built and runs the renowned 'Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery' clinic in LA and is also a direct descendant of the Song Dynasty (which we learned in season one)—while Christine is an heiress but also works as a producer on Bling Empire. 

Jaime Xie

Fashion influencer and fan-favorite character Jaime has a net worth of $50 million, thanks, in part, to her billionaire father Ken Xie and her work in the fashion industry.

Since starring in Bling Empire, her modeling career has really taken off, with Jaime posing on magazine covers and walking the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

Kane Lim

Kane Lim comes next with a worth of around $20 million! For those who don’t know, Kane (like Jaime) is from a very rich family, who gnarred their money from real estate, shopping malls and oil ventures.

However, Kane is also a real estate developer and now works for Selling Sunset’s Oppenheim Group. Plus his worth is only set to increase thanks to his new collab with Rihanna's Fenty Beauty!

Dorothy Wang

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dorothy—the star of Bling Empire's upcoming spin-off 'Bling Empire New York', is worth $10 million.

She like most of the cast comes from a very wealthy family but also owns her own jewelry line and has featured in a number of reality shows like Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

Kim Lee

Kim Lee's net worth is slightly contested, Celebrity Net Worth claims her worth is around $500 million, while other publications cap it at the $10 million mark. 

Either way, Kim's bank account is pretty damn impressive. For those who don't know, she’s a well-known DJ, who has performed alongside the likes of Diplo, Cardi B and has even landed a residency in Las Vegas. Not to mention her modeling work, having just graced the cover of Grazia!

Kelly Mi Li

Despite needing to sell off her Birkin bag collection following her dramatic marriage breakdown, Kelly Mi Li has made her millions back ($5 million to be exact), working as a producer on a number of TV Shows and Movies—including Bling Empire—plus all her other entrepreneurial ventures.

Kevin Kreider

Despite his more humble beginnings, Kevin's net worth has skyrocketed, though, despite claims that he's hit the $10 million mark, he's actually not quite there yet. He previously told CNBC that he is now making six-figures thanks to his businesses and his leading role on Bling Empire but will 'let everybody know' when and if he becomes a millionaire.

He added: "For a long period of time, I felt like my most successful years were when I was a personal trainer. And now after the show, I see that my most successful times are still yet to come. And they’re happening right now."

Currently, He is the CEO of his own company Taejin Entertainment LLC and has also founded a sparkling water company ‘Sans’ to provide ‘alcohol-free alternatives’—after opening up with his own sobriety journey, so his millionaire trajectory is definitely looking good, but his actual net worth currently remains a mystery.

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