This is your breakup coping mechanism, according to your star sign

Pining over an ex? Moving on fast? Breakup coping mechanisms vary by star sign, according to the pros

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Matters of the heart are complicated, especially when romance comes to an end. But are all breakup coping mechanisms premeditated? Some say the stars are responsible for how we handle our goodbyes. 

Much like the best breakup songs for your zodiac sign, research from Angelic Diamonds suggests that each member of the zodiac has a unique way of handling love gone sour. Quick to move on? Unable to part ways? Your birth chart could tell you what you need to know. 

Check out Angelic Diamonds' findings to see where to stack up, and adjust accordingly if you think it might be necessary. Regardless of sign, we've rounded up tips that'll help you while getting over a breakup. (Adele jam session not required, but encouraged.) 

Breakup coping mechanisms according to star signs


Motto: onto the next

You're a tough cookie, Aries, and you're not going to let a split ruin your life. We love that positivity! 

You might be quick to move on, but don't let the need to have the final say make things messy—it's OK to part ways without spewing hateful messages that are provoked by your fiery side. 


Motto: let's be friends

Cool heads prevail, and you're proof, Taurus. While parting ways could lead to drama, you prefer to keep things cordial, despite difficult emotions. 

We applaud this mature approach, but be warned: you might feel inclined to keep things friendly, but that doesn't mean you have to ruminate on your failed relationship. You can be kind, but remove the constant thoughts of an ex from your mind. 


Motto: I'll write you a letter

Let the search for a more meaningful relationship begin. Rather than overthink what went wrong, use this ending as an opportunity to reassess what you want going forward. A letter could be a good way to get your thoughts and emotions out in an organized way—it's much better than saying something you'll regret in the heat of the moment. 


Motto: be the drama queen

You're going to tire yourselves out, Cancers. While you might feel inclined to tell the world what went wrong in your relationship, leave an air of mystery to your social media followers—it'll be better for your mental health. 

However, we do encourage those ice cream binges. If you're going to wallow, might as well enjoy a scoop of mint chocolate chip in the process. 


Motto: quick to forget

"Oh, I have an ex? I almost forgot!"

You're not willing to bend the rules, Leos, and it shows. If someone can't return the passionate nature you require, you'll move on to the next in a snap.

While it's certainly good not to harbor any ill will towards an ex, do be mindful that at the end of the day, everyone shows love in different ways. We might not be completely in sync, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. 


Motto: overanalyze 

Give yourself a break! Sometimes, there's no rhyme or reason, Virgos—things just didn't work out. 

Use this relationship ending as an excuse to enjoy a little TLC and see what will work best for you during your next romance. 


Motto: let's find closure

You're dying to get to the bottom of things, Libras. You're yearning for balance and to make things right, but sometimes, there's no explanation. Learn to move on without knowing the answers to everything—it'll only drive you crazy. 


Motto: seek revenge

You love to love, dear Scorpio, but don't let a broken heart make you vengeful. There are so many better ways to utilize that passionate energy—like finding a new love interest. 


Motto: free spirit 

There's nothing wrong with being independent, and as a Sagittarius, it's pretty much a given. But don't let a free spirit cause you to avoid settling down—you won't want to miss a wonderful partnership as a result.


Motto: Once you're done, you're done

Not everything has to be so final. Things aren't always black and white, especially in terms of relationships. Be mindful that you can feel hurt and a sense of nostalgia for a past relationship, and that's OK! You don't need to be strong 100% of the time. 


Motto: keeping positive

While you tend to put your best foot forward after a split—and tend to keep personal affairs personal—make sure that you're giving yourself the proper TLC after a breakup. It's ok to keep a positive mindset, but you are entitled to pampering when you need it.


Motto: cling onto your ex

Oh, Pisces. You are emotional and give everything in your partnership, and you're oftentimes crushed when things come to an end, which is totally understandable. Be aware that sometimes things end for a reason, and holding onto toxic people isn't necessarily worth it. See the person for who they truly are, not who you want them to be.

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